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I want to sell off my 10 year old matiz, so I have two questions 1) How much I should expect from matiz, keeping in view myself is first owner and car is in good running condition 2) Which car do you suggest from a) Honda jazz b) Skoda Fabia (diesel) c) Hyundai I-20(diesel)
By Vikas Chhabra 12 December 2009

where r u ( which state ) pls send me a recent photograph of this car if you have.
Hyundai 1-20 is practical and spacioaus.

Answer by Manoj Kumar 12 December 2009

call me @9010533031if u r from andhra pradesh, im interested to buy

Answer by Mahesh 12 December 2009

call me at 28571709 if the car is Maharashtra registered...i am interested in buying the same.

write to -

Answer by Jahangir Yar Khan 12 December 2009

If you have maintained it well, no point in inselling , you wont even fetch equivalent price of 10year old 800CC car .Unless you have a serious parking problem Do keep it as souvinior.bye

Answer by Jitendra 12 December 2009


The matiz cost starts from 50K to 70 K depending on its condition.

I am planning to buy Matiz.If you are in Hyderabad pls call me on 9701212422.

Answer by Venkat 12 December 2009

01. Your Matiz will fetch you 45 to 50 k.
02. Go for I-20, the best car.

Answer by Biswabash 12 December 2009

even if it is any good conditions I believe you are not going to get more than 80,thousand.80 to 100 is the best prize. (2) your experience is with Matiz .after a matiz comparisons is chverloet car is only. no maruthy cars equally.

Answer by Thomas 12 December 2009

think that your experience is with matiz, so i believe your needs are such like car.
chearley u can foward a cheverlet , depends on your money u can choose any car from cheverlet family.

in my experience no camparison with mauthi any models. or u can choose a santro.

please note that my answer is after a Matiz comparison with such like a car,.neither you can choose depends on your money

best regards

Answer by Thomas 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

The Matiz of 10 years can be sold for max of 60k.In the options mentioned for New cars, best selection would be the Hyundai i20.It will make a good selection for its overall features including safety feature and style.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009


Hardly you will get 45k as it is 10yrs old. SO if U think it is in good condition keep it with U only..B'coz U won't expect more than this..

And If you want to buy new car , form Ur options U can choose I-20..It is some what maintainance less compared to other cars from Ur list..

All the best

Answer by Joe 12 December 2009
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