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Hai dears What about TATA SAFARI DICOR 3L? is it better than TCIC ? what is deffrent frm 2.2L. ?actually i dont know about cars engines. pls help me brothers. now i got a 3L model -05 for 5L its a good deal? thnx. Sahil
By Sahil 12 December 2009

The DICOR 3L has an engine that is a turbocharged CRDI version of the TATA 407 truck engine. It is not refined and is prone to vibration; in some vehicles that I have seen, the vibration is so bad that you feel like getting out of the car. So, avoid that one. Also, the mileage is poor. At 5L, it is not value for money. I would think that you should go for it only if it is around 3.5L to 4L.
The 2.2 engine is a much better, more powerful and more refined engine. It will give better mileage and will be a better option in the long run..

Answer by Sasi Menon 12 December 2009

dear i agree with sasi menon,2.2 is the year back i hv also safari dicor 3L 2006 model i sell it for the price of 4.5 lack.So please dont go for 3L price is no matter but 2.2 engine is better then 3L.

Answer by Nishant 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Tata Safari 2.2 has been more of success and has great resalle value hence recommneded togo for the same.Though 3.0 L version has more power the overall performance is not as good as 2.2 version.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

I have 3 L Safari Dicor its awesome engine best pick up 12+ average in city very low maintenance, no need to change timing belts in every 35k kms its gives 14 to 16 average on highways and going very smooth up to 0 to 160 its a good long life and no trouble engine.its better than 2.2 and 2.0 and about maintenance is very cheaper than 2.0 and 2.2.

Answer by Amod Wagh 10 October 2013

Have been using 3.0 version since last 3 years. Ultimate SUV( Call it as King of SUVs) & about vibration, it's common to every vehicle if wheel alignment is not proper.

Answer by Siva Ram 10 October 2013

tata safari 3.0 ltr engine is good as than that of 2.2 engine..3.0 engine is feeling comfort that that f safari 2.2 the building type of 3.0 ltr engine is d engine modified version f tata 3.0 ltr is good........

Answer by Georgekutty 03 March 2013

I am using 3L for 1 year...I feel this vehicle than any other engine..have good milage around 12KM

Answer by Wilson A S 03 March 2013

I have 3 L it is a good long life and no trouble engine.No timing belt.Repiar, maintance is cheaper than 2.2.

Answer by Manveer 05 May 2013

I have 3 L it is a good long life and no trouble engine.No timing belt.Repiar, maintance is cheaper than 2.2.

Answer by ARIJIT SADHU 05 May 2013

tata safari 3ltr is much beter than 2.2
its a good and long yf engine and the milage also good around 12/13. and also low maintain vehicle

Answer by Rajendra Sahu 03 March 2014

3L is much better and easy to maintain it is more powerful. 2.0 or 2.2 is not good

Answer by Kiran 03 March 2014

Dear all i have bought a Safari 3.0 ltr . It has good power . Dont know about the maintenance cost / parts availability ? please give me a brief , is it a good choice ?

Answer by Krishna 05 May 2014

As long as you have bought the vehicles, there are no look backs.
Since you haven't specified the year, it is bit difficult to dscribe. As of a general trend, Tata new ventures have better durability and reliability once the settle over a period of time.
Google Ownerships for more specific info.

Answer by I Am Not Expert Of Cartrade 05 May 2014

Dear all safari fans ..I hv bought a safari 3.0L.I appreciate to all 3.0L buyers please tell me your experiences about average in city and on highway. I don't know anything.

Answer by Vikramjeet Singh 06 June 2014

Friends . which version should I buy 3.0 or 2.2 for good milage And low maintenance and which version gives more maintance trouble?

Answer by Aamir 07 July 2014

3 ltr without doubt is value for money when bought 2nd hand. .
I have one since last 4 years. . Now almost done 2 lac kms...
Zero engine issue. . Still goes on top speed @ 140+

Answer by Sijo James 08 August 2014

i hav bought safari 3.0 l 2007 at 375000
has done 55000 km showroom maintained
vehicle with history giving me mileage of 13 kmpl in city 15 to 16 on highways 4 sure it valueable?

Answer by Bharath Rayker 10 October 2014

I am driving 3Ltr Dicor Tata Safari(2006)for Last 8 years since its launched and driven 70000kms I am very Happy having this vehicle... trouble free suv

Answer by Ankush 10 October 2014

i have been using 3l dicor from 2years bought second hand 2007 model you dont believe i doesnt touch engine completing arround 2lakh km. just changed oils and used

Answer by D Y REDDY 10 October 2014

2006 August model 3 liter purchased 2 years back for 3.25 , value for money

Answer by Maheshwar 10 October 2014

I am going to buy a 2006 Safari 3.0L (74k mileage) single owner for 2 Lakhs. I just want to know whether its a good deal or not. Please suggest

Answer by Kail 12 December 2014

3.0L , Its Better in terms of mechanical stability and reliability, as its not a timing belt based design, rather gear like trucks.(coz its 407 Block). However it feel more raw, and obviously more vibration, but way too good for highway drives. 2.2 on the other side was a disaster on launch, tata had to do major reworks on the timing belt part to fix it. Many Many engine seizures on 2.2 due to timing belt breakage. Generally i find 2.2 being maintain. 3.0L on other side, remember its a 407 block, which comes with 300,000Km Warranty so if you properly treat your 3.0L safari, it will run for ages without any trouble. I own a 3.0L for 9 years now, 2.2 Seen many being sold after engine failure. I dont trust tata on the timing belt designs.
2.2 also have issues with Injector being stuck to the head, and not coming out, ending up in complete head replacement, where as 3.0L generally injectors can be pulled out without any trouble. 2.2 comes with hydraulic lash adjuster, which gets noisy over time, where as 3.0L is a push rod design, its noisy until it heats up :) . I am a 3.0L fan, just bought xenon crew cab, 3.0L.

Answer by Raj 01 January 2015

I have a 3.0 Lt dicor. I have completed 1 Lacs Km... travelling in Shimla and Chandigarh i.e. both hilly as well as plains.. I give full marks to this suv.. spacious .. and comfortable.. in driving... in safari one has to be carefull in ruff roads.. otherwise will face suspension problem and wheel alignment disturbance..

Answer by Mahesh 03 March 2015

I have to buy Safari3.0L friends please write your best & wrost

Answer by RAGHAVAN 05 May 2015

hey guys, im going to buy safari 3.0L engine 2006 model 1.5L kms for 2.4 Lakhs. do you think its a fair price? please help me.

Answer by Tata Safari Fan 06 June 2015

no i don't think it is fair it should be little less around 1.8 - 2.0 lakhs

Answer by Raj 06 June 2015

no i don't think it is fair it should be little less around 1.8 - 2.0 lakhs

Answer by Raj 06 June 2015

i am using 3.0L engine tata safari 9years till smooth and more power gives in highway it to good compare to need more maintenance in engine and no need to change timing belt. 3000cc engine gives 14kmpl its good mileage compare 2.2l.mechanic telling 2.2l engine gives more engine problem 2 years 3y vehicles also.3.0L no oil leakage its solid.

Answer by Arul 06 June 2015

i buy second hand safari for 2.6 lakh 2007 model 100000 km do u thing its a good deal?

Answer by Sunny Bajwa 11 November 2015

what is the engine life of 3.0 dicor if properly serviced ?

Answer by Sunny Bajwa 11 November 2015

Safari 2.2lt dicore is very awesom engine

Answer by Fathai 11 November 2015

Hi friends, I am planning to buy a 2005 model 3.0 dicor engine safari. It is completing around 1 L kms. The owners have said that the vehicle's cost is 2L and 2nd owner. They have recently painted. Please guide me with this whether to buy or not? What would be the expected mileage in city and highway?

Answer by Priyakumar 11 November 2015

Pl tell me overall about safari dicor ex 2007

Answer by Mukesh 01 January 2016

Pros: The best suv ever built in India is the 3.0L safari dicor.Not a single issue with engine. Parts available very easily.
Very low at maintenance.
3Lakh kms warranty for eng

Answer by Abhishek 01 January 2016

How about the 3l 2004 model ?

Answer by Suresh 01 January 2016

2.2vtt is awesome m using it since it launched it has done 1.75lkh km no problem at all only the thing is on tym u hv to change the oil in city am getting an average of 15km/ltr

Answer by Nadeem 02 February 2016


Answer by RATHAN H T 02 February 2016

Hi frnds I purchased second hand Tata Xenon 2013 ,3000cc last year and I'm enjoying it's ride ,before purchasing this somebody misguided me not to purchase.BT I got it ad I m right

Answer by Vinod Sharma 05 May 2016

1.I using last one year safari 3.0 L, very good, but mileage only 10kms in city 11.5 in highway
2.Best Engine oil is SHELL good
3.Brake shoe ,clynider are very cheap compare to 2.2dicor.only 450/-only wheel clyinder. brake shoe set 800/-

Answer by RAGHAVAN 05 May 2016

Guys...i hv gone through this thread and still find mixed reviews about 2.2 0r 3ltrs. By the way I am a buyer with budget upto 3 or 4 lakhs looking for safari. Which year model wil

Answer by Shareef 07 July 2016

Also I m looking for safari in reasonable price from Chennai. Anything above 2006..if any call me in 9840804634

Answer by Shareef 07 July 2016

Hii friends i also using TATA SAFARI 3L 4x4 . I thought that you also buy this SUV .
About of top speed I hv cross almost 170+ and no engine vibration. It is the best SUV.

Answer by Somnath Sonawane 10 October 2016

I bought 2006 safari ... Which ran for 1.6 lacs .. its in good condition.. but the clutch is too hard.. I dono is it normal or any problem... But milaege wise I get 12-13 kms

Answer by Sachin Eb 12 December 2016


Answer by MARTIN 12 December 2016

Am thinking to buy safari3.0ltr 130000 km driven 2007 year for 2.4 lk is this fair deal... Plzz help me for it....

Answer by Irfan 12 December 2016

yes mr.irfan good price and good muv
feel in highway like ship so good & good luck

Answer by RAGHAVAN 01 January 2017

I'm the owner of 2007sep tata safari EX 3.0 dicor.
Till date my car was clocked odo meter 265365km single owner singlehanddrived no issues at all regular service at timetotime

Answer by Shivraj 01 January 2017

I have 2007 February Model tata safari EX 3.0 dicor.
just done 71500kMS
New tyre deplayed at 65000 kms. But in market no one is ready to give a fair deal for this
i think 2.0L would be a good price, the car never got any engine problem . In start the average in highway was 12-13, now city give me 8-9 kms and highways still it gives 10-11kmpl/

Answer by Rahul Yadav 01 January 2017

I have an 3.0 l dicor the suv has the best acelaration easily goes to 100 without any issues and top speed is 155 kmph which is no more difficult to gain 3.0 is the best

Answer by Akshay Mishra 02 February 2017

I hv been using 3l safari since 9monthz. Got r 1.9L 2006 model and spent 1.1L r mechanical extra lights ac suspension is smooth/bew and gives 16 on highway with comf

Answer by Shareef 02 February 2017

Hi I am using Tata Safari 3.0 dicor for last 3 yrs... The vehicle is very smooth wt gud mileage of 10 on city and 13.5 on highway wt very low maintanance cost.

Answer by Prem Vijay 03 March 2017

I have a 3.0l safari.
Im brought secondhand 2007 model in 2015.
My experience is 3l engine is no extra maintenance
My safari now 125000+ km run and no any issue
Now average is 15

Answer by AD 03 March 2017

Tata safari 3.0 is maintenance free
Spare parts Easley available in cheaper rate
Any mecnic repair Easley
Suspension repair only in Rs.3 to 5000/-
Ac fully effective

Answer by Nt 07 July 2017

hey guys i want to buy a used Tata Safari 3L its 2008 model ... can anyone plz tell me about the mileage ... and its already completed 134000

Answer by Tanmay 08 August 2017

M useing tata safari 3L from last 5 years 13 pl mileage took it to every part is easily available and on reasonable prices I bought alot of cars but the I would never sale it.

Answer by Amaan 10 October 2017
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