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Hi Sir, I want car for my family i saw accent executive ECO 2 days back its an company fitted LPG car.please suggest me that LPG accent will be gud or any another car i shud buy as i m having Wagon R Duo now and its performance is good,i have another option for Swift Desire Diesel..which one is best for my family???
By Kishan 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

The peformance of both are good but Swift Dzire has edge over Accent LPG version in terms of performance and reliability and for long term usage.Hence it would be a better idea in going for Dzire.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

The Diesel Engines of today have a clear upper edge over the petrols. Better mileage, more power with A/c but work out a little more expensive in maintenance. Depending on your needs and kms / day you should decide your car. Buying a diesel for less than 50 kms a day i believe is a wrong decision. Accent is spacious and comfortable car for long journey but slightly expensive to maintain. Also an lpg car will never give the power of a petrol / diesel variat

Answer by Abhinay 12 December 2009

Any day Swift Desire diesel is a better option, dont even think about accent

Answer by Ashish 12 December 2009

Accent lpg is v nice car

Answer by Arun Jain 12 December 2009

Go for Swift Dzier it is much better than Accent.

Answer by Rahul 12 December 2009

accent is a good car. i am happy with it.

Answer by Umesh 12 December 2009


I m having accent & Mahindra logan, its good car, but if u want to go for diesel, According to me if u r not cheeky about looks , Logan has the best figures of all, and Manza is far better than dezire.

Answer by Vinit Zaveri 12 December 2009

it's time to give up ur delimma, take my words, go for swift dzire without giving it a second's not better, but the best choice when it comes to own a diseal variant!!!!!!!!!!

Answer by Shambhunath Giri 12 December 2009

accent is a good car. i am happy with it. you wont compare ascent with swift/wagon-r/desire by power or comfort

Answer by Milind Patwardhan 12 December 2009

the dezire is better than the accent but for the same budget you can try the ford fusion plus or the ford ikon diesel. the grand punto is also a value for money car if you want a hatchback.

Answer by Vinod Mathew 12 December 2009

u can go for dezire if u want millage,good service backup and no nonsense car but wait for a long time.
u can go for accent lpg if u want cheap maintenence,short time delivery simple design service backup ok.

Answer by Vishveshwaran 12 December 2009
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