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I planing to buy a Fiat 118 NE of 1995 fitted with LPG kit for 35k. Is it worthy and is it possible to maintain.
By Gbd 12 December 2009

Better you go For used Maruti 800(95-96Model) in almost same price.

Answer by Sunil Kumar 12 December 2009

Why do you want to for this car?118 NE's were always notorious for rusting.You will have to sell the car as junk in a few years

Answer by Satyajit Shetty 12 December 2009

I am a Government servant who has passed Junior Assistnat. My budjet is upto Rs.75,000/-.
which used car should i buy?
My preferences nil, any company car, (LPG)
Good Condiction and outlook Good... pls tell me any idea for u. (Same)

Answer by Sivakumar 12 December 2009

I have been using 118 NE till 1997 and have to sell it at scrap rate at Rs.30,000/-. Please do not go for this vehicle as it rusts very fast and creates a lot trouble. I was fed up with the vehicle hence had to sell at scrap rate...If possible go for Maruti vehicle as a good option.

Answer by Sunny 12 December 2009

I will suggest to buy petrol 118 NE. for Rs. 10-15 K. Pl. note that it is not very economical to run on gas . 118 will give 11-12 kmpl on one liter gas. Gas cost is aprox-30/Litre.118 NE is good car to drive but requires frequent maintenance. Spares availability may be problem.

Answer by Sagar Ade 12 December 2009

If you get this car free, it may be a good thing. Anything more than that, is just a purchase of grief. It is a piece of junk from the old generation of Indian cars.

Answer by B S Kumar 12 December 2009

Those who have spoken against 118 NE I disagree with them. It was one of the most selling car s in the government. I have still the 118 NE 1991 model 2nd batch product with original nissan engine (Petrol) stll its running fine. If u compare it with todays car its more on maintenance but you have to compare with that time car.

Still i have the car with 52000 kms done 14 kms average on high way. 12 in aurangabad city and 10 on pune roads, spares are available in aurangabad and Mumbai in ample. Its so not much available in Pune because of the attitude of the mechanics.

Suggested is that you can go for the gas fitted version. For more details u can call me


Vishal Sinha
Mob : 9823637907

Answer by Vishal Sinha 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

The quoting price is too high for the model.It can be purchased for max of 25k if in fair condition. Also suggested to approach a mechanic in your area and ensure he can repair service at genuine rate. Used Maruti 800 would be a much better option.Even if vehicle is in not so good condition at least you will have good service network.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Thank you one and all.
I took test drive of the car with owner.Its interiors was in poor condition all door panels has came out,two tyres balled, also the car stopped five times in three km test drive.May be running with LPG also mattered here as the owner was changeing from petrol to LPG mode, vice versa etc. Later I checked the under body lot of rusting was there besides oil leakage from differential also present. The owner stick to min of 30K and not a single rupee less than that. Hence I decided to look for any old maruti cars.

Answer by Gbd 12 December 2009

Yes, you can fit with LPG Gas with NE 118 and it will be very economical. It depends upon the maintenance of the individual. My car is running very well without hassle with the AC On with 11kml. We have very good workshop nearby

Answer by Dr.B.K.KONWAR 12 December 2009

dont go for lpg fitted 118NE. this cause the damage of the head of the engine the spare parts of 118ne is not available at our area so that it is more expensive to maintain the vehicle with LPG

Answer by Bobakumar 12 December 2009

I have been using Premier 118NE car for the past one year. One has to contact a mechanic before purchasing this car who is interested and also has knowledge of this car. Spares are not easily available. One should not compare Maruthi 800 with 118NE because 118NE is very spacious inside and its leg room is also wider than Maruthi 800. It is a good car and very comfortable driving. But maintenance cost is more.

Answer by Harihar 12 December 2010
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