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hi all, i wud like 2 fit telescopic frnt susp 2 dio sctr. Is it possible?.what wud b d app exp ?.
By Manu 12 December 2009

Yes, u can do that but u may have to contact private mechanic. I have seen one dio in bangalore with front dual telescopic suspension, even it was performing very superb on front breaking...

Answer by Swapnil Natu 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

there is nothing impossible in auto field to make alter .. only money make all thing posseble .....
u can altre with telescope fork in dio easily as splendor type and another u may fit avitor fork and go for hero honda street ,, hero winner fork . but any how budget will near 7000 for spl ,, other r som cheeap 5000 r enough to give a shape to ur dream

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 12 December 2009

pl. note that you will lose Anti-dive properties of original suspension. It's of no use for speeds below 5o kmph. you may get slight advantage in control at high note that telescopic forks are expensive to repaire.

Answer by Sagar Ade 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

there is not a too exepencive to repair tele, fork u must change oil (Rs 70 )) and oil seal 100 rs labour maximum rs 100/.. but in dio not may repair front shocker , and tele, fork will be too better to suspention.. it will work at low sppeed to high speed ..but look will some diffrent for it front pannells also be alter to cover fork tube

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

It is possible to fit telescopic shocks but it wont be worth investing considering the efficiency of the fork with present and also it will not yield results as expected.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Telescopic forks will be of great use if ur into stunting...linky type of suspension will be a will keep on creeking if you do a lot of wheeliing...go ahed n get telescopic shocks...they will also make ur ride look better...ull also get better speed and control

Answer by Vivek Shingada 06 June 2011
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