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Swift & Getz which is the most comfortable car to drive in city driving conditions?
By Shankar 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Hyundai Getz is a excellent car in terms of driving and comfort.Wwith launch of Hyundai i20 the demand hs reduce considerbly for New Getz.It does mmake the a great selection as used car compared to that of used Swift VDI.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Getz is a practical family car for city use with good levels of comfort and styling. Swift if a little better on power which can also be helpful for long drives outside the city (but a little cramped). If you have a small family, go in for the Swift, else a Getz is a more practical and comfortable car for the entire family

Answer by Jignesh 12 December 2009

Getz is a better option, than swift

Answer by Tarun 12 December 2009

Swift is good but Getz is the best. 'coz it has long leg space
& smooth nonstop long driving comfort without any tiredness. And also totally International comfort hatchback model car.

Answer by Swarup Dutta 12 December 2009

I have driven both the cars , the getz is better in city driving as well as the highway . the visibility from thr front and rear windscreen is better in the Getz as compared 2 the swift and women prefer that !

Answer by Shyam 12 December 2009


Getz is a better car w.r.t Swift in terms of comfort and long drives. Good leg space and also has good luggage space also. Only thing it lacks is in terms of power w.r.t swift. If you are a family person and power is not the ultimate requirement for you then it is advisable to go for Getz.

Answer by Niladri 12 December 2009

If you are someone who travels long distances then swift is a great car to have . but if your travel is going to be more inside a city then getz will suit u better . swift's power steering is amazing but it dosent have a great gear box . getz has a great gear box but lacks punch in terms of power . comfort and space wise getz is way better than swift.

Answer by Rohan 12 December 2009

I once only drove Swift VXI. Felt comfortable. I can not compare much between these two.But I do not like SWIFTS shape. GETZ looks very good. Very comfortable to drive or sit at back. Back seat is like sofaset at home for relaxing. Only feel for milleage in city driving with AC on. Highway driving excellant yaar. I am surprised to see very leass GETZ's on road, though its excellant car.
Hyundai should introduce kappa engine and air bags GETZ.

Answer by Sreenivas 12 December 2009

Are there any chances that Hyundai might stop production of Getz in near future keeping in mind its trying to focus more on I20 instead?

Answer by Indranil 12 December 2009
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