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I am writing to know about the low being to iplimented by theunion govt.of India for polution norms e.i,BS III & BS IV. I had a vehicle chevrolet Tavera Neo 2 Turbo (Diesel) recntly (before the news flashed)which is a BS II certified vehicle.My question is HOW THE NE LOW WILL BE EFFECTED TO MY VEHICLE.This vehicle is running in and around Mumbai city.
By Venugopal 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Bharath IV norms will be is scheduled to be applicable from April 2010. It wil be applicable for the new cars purchased from april 2010 onwords so it wont matter to your present vehicle.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

There are very few countries that retroactively apply new emission laws to older vehicles. In our country the new standards are for new vehicles coming out of factories only. You will have nothing to worry about, but it is good that you are concerned. Please make sure you enjoy your vehicle while making sure you maintain it properly and pollute less in any case. Cheers.

Answer by B S Kumar 12 December 2009

Dont worry it will not affect you,this is applicable for only the new cars which is buying after April-01-2010.Present Auto majors are forcing Government to postphone the new norms.Mean time you can tune the engine and do some minor work on exhaust to achieve this norms.

Answer by Panicker 12 December 2009
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