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I want to sell Wagon R (LXI model), it has run 28000 KMS. 2007 Jan registered vehicle. Please let me know how much can i expect from this car (what is the market value)??? Also, i want to upgrade myself to new car (diesel variant), i have few choices in Sedan segment, please let me know which is best when compared with technology, maintainence, economy and value for money aspects: 1. Fiat Linea 2. Tata Manza 3. Hyndai Verna 4. Ford Fiesta Please also let me know if you have any any other better chioces? Thank you in advance. Manju
By Manju 12 December 2009

I think you can expect around 2.90 lacs to 3.20 lacs.

Better vehicle in diesel variant is FORD FIESTA

Answer by Sreeniwas 12 December 2009

The new wagaon R LXI comes at 3,50,000/- How come you expect 3.2 lakh. Pls give a proper suggestion mr. sreenivas.
I think manju u should expect 2.5-2.6L max if the car is in scratchless condition.
Also Amongst above 4 choices , manza is the best buy...pls refer its detailed review

Happy driving .......cheers

Answer by Akash 12 December 2009

I sold my 2005 WagonR LXI in 2009 Sep and the best price I got was 2L. The car had ticked 55,000 Kms. Also note that WagonR is offering almost 35K discount on the new cars, so you should expect around 2.2-2.5, depends on the condition of your car.

Answer by Arun 12 December 2009

I sold my 10/2007 Wagon R LXI Duo Black for 2.75 lacs in Aug 09, it metered around 15000 kms, the best thing you can do is call true value and they will review your car and give you an estimation, to avoid runnung around if you feel that the price quoted by true value is good then sell your car to them.

As far as buying another car of the given choice is concerned I think Manza stands tall above the rest, the spares,maintenance and service is cheaper when compared to the other smentioned of your choice. the other

Answer by Alfred David 12 December 2009

Somewhere around Rs.2lacs should be a good price for your WagonR.
You can go for the Ford Fiesta which is a good car with proven antecedents. Tata cars lack in refinement.

Answer by Robin 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

For the Wagon R LXi of 2007 the market value ranges between 2.6 to 2.75 depending upon the condition of vehicle.
For choosing of sedan, Fiat Linea has best looks, fit and finish and onroad image. Manza is a great value car and and makes a appropriate selection in range of around 6 Lac. If budget can be increased further then Linea is best.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009
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