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I have a 2006 Honda City CVT. I want to ask question about the gear shifts. I understand when one should use D, S & L. But in reality, or technically, when should one drop down to S and further down to L? Is there any RPM / Speed indication? Or say while driving from Mumbai to Pune, should one shift to S in ghat region? what is the speed range (min and max) for S & L?
By Yogesh Amraotkar 12 December 2009

D is drive it is for normal driving on highway or city.
but unlike the driving conditions like if somebody lives on hill station which has steep climb so it is better to use L.

the driving RPM's for different gears are already predefined by the OEM.
like going from mumbai to pune.
use D till the ghats start or around20-30% of ghats. afterwards you should shift to L. you yourself will figure out that your car is not able to give that power.

Think and apply.

Answer by Deepak Suri 12 December 2009

Thanks Deepak. I had a 250 bhp V6 sedan in US that I drove for more than 150,000 kms. I never had to struggle with the question I have asked here..! Never needed. But driving this tiny City CVT, I find the response from the car varying on varying road conditions. Also, you can drive a CVT in any road condition in any gear D, S or L unless you notice the difference in performance levels yourself. I will check with the OEM manual as suggested.

Answer by Yogesh Amraotkar 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

The gear selection in AT version is similer to that of the conventional system. During starting and up to 20KMPL lower gear, 20 to 50 second gear and further direct gear selection should help for comfortable driving.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Hi,I have been driving a CVT for the last two years in & around Delhi. I have been using D through out. L is used either when I feel that their is mud or additional power is required for coming out (Like Gear 1 in Manual). S is usually put to use for fast acceleartion like when over taking as D does not support fast movements.

Answer by Fawzan 12 December 2009

D is used for conventional highway /city use.S will be for slight uphill or downhill conditions.The transmission will alternate between first and second gear ratios only.
L will lock the CVT transmission in First gear ratio only.Very essential for steep downhill,or steep climbing.

Answer by George 01 January 2010
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