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i am planning to buy Spark LPG, but when i was discussing with the sales represntative he was emphasizing more on petrol version, upon asking he said petrol is more smoother which even LPG has. what would be the reason he trying hard to sell petrol variant? Is there any problem associated with LPG in long run?
By Santy 12 December 2009


Answer by D K SINGH 12 December 2009

Like u mentioned the salesperson could be getting some perks on selling petrol rather than lpg variant u cant trust them. As far as problems are concerned the LPG variant in an car would be smother than pertol because it has a gas injected into the engine, but there are problems associated with LPG like ware & tare, engine knocking & hose & filter clean ups. I've used a LPG accent & it was pretty smooth test drive both and take ur pick.

Answer by Kunal 12 December 2009

Our Indian salesmen have the habit of presenting what is purely their "opinion" as truth. LPG presents no problems. Tell that salesman to sell you what you want to buy, not try to force you to buy what he thinks you should buy. LPG runs smoother than petrol in my experience! If you want to have fun, start asking this salesman when the diesel Spark you have heard about is coming out. It will make him go mad!

Answer by B S Kumar 12 December 2009

Thanks a lot to all of you who responded :-) :-) :-) :-)

Answer by Santy 12 December 2009

Hi All,

May be other reason is the cost of petrol vehical and gas vehical is more difference. if you take petrol version and fix the GAS KIT outside you may be saving lot of money. may be this is IDEA also or may be all above are TRUE :)

Answer by Raghu 12 December 2009

This answer is not to support the Salesman's view, but one observation is that there is hardly any space left in the boot in the LPG model.

Answer by RAKESH 12 December 2009

Its purely a case of the salesman trying to push the petrol model. The demand for LPG versions would be higher, considering the cost of LPG. They must be having non-moving stock of petrol models and therefore trying to push that. It is a pity that we don't have genuine ethical practices in our showrooms and sales personnel have no training in customer relations.

Answer by Sasi Menon 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

There are no much problems reported regarding Spark LPG it does make a good selection as value for the money and trouuble free service however,Petrol engines have smoother performance and comparitively longer life than that of LPG versions. Though petrol version has better advantage in long term utility, going for LPG versions does make maintenance easier and so do cost per KM.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

The lpg version has more demand than the petrol one.Also never retrofit the lpg kit from outside, just to save some money, you will loose on your 3 years free service and maintainence package.I have seen people using the lpg version and they are very happy, as the cost of lpg is less and the fitting and the safety features are also good.

Answer by Samaresh Pal 12 December 2009

Both are good. Only problem would be less boot space to accomodate luggage. LPG is the latest invention introduced and the main reason is to save on fuel cost. Rest is left to U as I am sorry I will not be able to guide U on long term gains of adding LPG to your car.

But please remember not to get any fittings done from outside the dealer's premises. All cars burning on the road
are due to faulty work carried out by unskilled hands. So please be careful....

Answer by Sadanand 12 December 2009

Recently red an article which Said that " JD Power Quality study for 2009 has rated Chevrolet Spark as the top most car in the Comact Segment....

Answer by Sadanand 12 December 2009

Hi, I purchased Spark LS LPG in October End and has clocked 3000kms. Smooth ride, no problems till now. Last week drove through the Ghats to Bangalore from Kerala. Could clear the Ghats with 4th and 3rd Gear much of it with ac. Mileage received in LPG is 13km/litre with a.c.. Maybe there is difference in highway and city as could not isolate mileage between fills segregating the rides. Accelator cable cut while in Bangalore city and got repaired with roadside assitance. Now dealer do not have stock to replace it and have to wait one week as per them (actual waiting period - god knows). Cable damage is a manufacturing defect as right from my family owned 1965 ambassador to scores of cars I had driven since 1994 (approximately 600,000 kms) I have never come across. Maybe that is the reason on non availability of cable with the dealer. All the more I am satisfied till date but for the cable cut.

Answer by Ranjith 12 December 2009
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