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Hi Shiva, I am planning to buy a 2004 Tata Safari-EX, 2nd Owner. quoted price is 3.25lacs(Please suggest me about price) The car is going to be sparingly used. Also please guide me about I)petrol version of Safari, as i have heard it's high on fuel consumption. II)Average of both Petrol & Diesel Models (in city & on Highway Running). III)Approx cost of complete overhaul of diesel safari( as it has run 78000kms)
By Ashish 12 December 2009

The petrol version of Safari is a non starter in the marketplace. Tata did try to push the Safari in foreign markets with a bigger petrol engine, but the vehicle failed all safety tests. The Safari is a comfortable vehicle but you should be very careful driving it - I've seen a few toppled in places that look fairly harmless, without hitting anything! In my opinion, you're buying 3.25 lakhs worth of grief! But if you love it so much, it's not a bad price, if well maintained.

Answer by B S Kumar 12 December 2009

It is comfortable and looks a mean machine. Petrol frget it. On a 2001 model i used to get 12 with two acs. I did 1.6 lac km without overhaul, but it could not climb of late must have needed one.
If it needs an overhaul, best forget it, because after that it will mean regular investment and 3.25 is too much.

Answer by Blaise 12 December 2009

The tata safari petrol was a flop before of many reasons, bad mileage, bad suspension, brakes were non responsive, engine noise, lot of under steer, steering to little for a suv. so my advise would be to forget it what ever the price.

Answer by Sathish 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

The quoting price of 3.25 Lac for Safari EX is quite genuine.Though the maintenance cost is quite high, it matches appropriately with the value of the same. Overhaul of Engine is not needed at 78000 KM.Major repairs at this KM included, changeing of timing belt,suspension overhaul etc.With Safari expecyed mileage if around 8 to 10 KMPL in both petrol and diesel versions.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

hey tata safari in petrol spoil's the fun . take diesel ....
i think tata safari 2004 model should cost u around 2.50 bcoz i sold my ex model 2005 last year in 3.25 lac in a good condition .....

Answer by Gaurav Dave 12 December 2009
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