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I have a 2006 Honda City 1.5 GXi CVT. The vehicle runs smoothly even for long drives for hours, but has a problem when its standing still with engine running. The vehicle sort jumps on the spot when the brakes are applied, the car is standing still with its engine running. Some times you get a jerk when you are starting off stand still as well. What is the reason? Is it a fault in the CVT transmission? How serious is the problem? I am driving the car in its state for over a year and more than 10000km now. Please advise.

By Yogesh Amraotkar on Dec 4, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    A brake cleaning and cecking of brake pads is necessary.There could be no problem with transmission.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Dec 4, 2009

  • i dont think its brake problem please ask honda service station to check clutch and injector. being careless with honda results in bankruptcy ha ha ha ha.
    Answer by Mukesh on Dec 5, 2009

  • Thanks Shiva. I just had my brake pads (front) replaced but there was no change in the car behavior while stationary. There must be a problem in the CVT that results in this jumps as if the car is skipping a thread of something.
    Answer by Yogesh Amraotkar on Dec 6, 2009

  • pl. read carefully. you have to do following test.
    1.Check engine RPM when you press brake.(vehicle stationary)
    If the RPM increases then it shows that there is air leakage from intake manifold. Show the same to HONDA dealer. The car try to move because RPM increases.IF there is no change in RPM then it's a CVT problem

    Answer by Sagar Ade on Dec 7, 2009

  • Thanks Sagar. I noticed a change (increase) in the RPM at standstill when the car jumps...! Other times when the vehicle is standstill and does not jump, there is no change in the RPM. So, your line of diagnosis seems to be right. I will check with Honda service station.
    Answer by Yogesh Amraotkar on Dec 8, 2009

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