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which is more spacious? i1o or swift
By Prasad 12 December 2009

swift is more spacious

Answer by Jasjeet 12 December 2009

swift but i10 is quite good compare to swift petrol

Answer by Rahul 12 December 2009

Swift is more spacious but i10 is packaged better. Problem with Swift is with the fit-and-finish....Maruti Suzuki is known for their usage of cheap plastic components. If you are okay with spacious car with rattles within 6 months of purchase, go for Swift or if you need a stylish, adavanced car with slightly lesser space, choose i10

Answer by Akhil 12 December 2009

i10 is a good car in its segment. Though Swift is a hatchback car, but it doesn't really fall in the same segment. Swift is from a segment of a larger hatchback so definitely Swift is more spacious but practically also Swift has enough space plus its got a powerful engine with very good fuel economy. Its a good drivers cars pretty decent drive and good controls. Overall Swift is a perfect practical hatchback. Go for it you won't regret.

Answer by Rajshekhar Dass 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Among the two,Swift is more spacious and having more power too hence makes better option.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Swift is a good car to drive, but the suspension is way too hard for Indian roads. I10-Kappa on the other hand is a delight and has nice interiors. I have a swift and santro. My swift rattles a lot. Swift is slighly more powerful. You can choose between comfort or power.

Answer by Manish Upadhyay 12 December 2009

Ofcourse SWIFT.ITS A TOUGH CAR .no comparisions with i20

Answer by SUVERNA 12 December 2009
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