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Sir, I've a 4 month old IKON TDCi(Diesel). The engine noise is very loud and felt inside the cabin. Is there any means to reduce it?. The company claims IKON has the same engine as FIESTA Diesel. But FIESTA Diesel is very silent. Please help me with your valuable suggestion regarding reducing the engine noise of my IKON Diesel. Thank you in advance for your suggestion. Regards, Venkitesh.
By Venkitesh 12 December 2009

the engine is same but the noise protection used in Ikon could be as good as Fiesta. get your car checked with the authorised workshop. Ask the technician to take a test drive with u and get his feed back.

Answer by S Sridharan 12 December 2009


Visit another ford service center and let them know about the same .... if that doesn't helps . get in touch with the showroom from wher u purchased this car and tell them that u r filling a case against them as the car's performance is not as it should be . do take their owners name , manager on duty's name . also take the name of all those people whome u have shows ur car in ford .

Answer by Madhup Vatsa 12 December 2009

compare other IKON diesels not fiesta. If noise is same, you can't do more with it. The fiesta has better NVH package hence the price.

Answer by Sagar Ade 12 December 2009

I agree with Mr.Sagar Ade.If the noise of your Ikon is greater than the Ikon on display, at the showroom, then complain, otherwise rest assured that you have a good car at hand.

Answer by RajKumar 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Fiesta has better noise reduction protection However the complaint of excessiove noise fron engine can only be checked firstly by comparing with other models as told by Mr Sagar , and later on the inspection has to be carried out for checking out source of noise like that of fan belt, radiator shroud assy, the supports of engine etc then only the problem can be rectified/ reduced upto some extent.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Thanks all for kind reply and inputs.

Actually owner was asking 2.9, because all the
problems mentioned above he was willing for 2.7 L.

Car has Sony Player,articial Leather seat cover, No same color Bumper because it is XL model.

Can i proceed further

Answer by Thiru 12 December 2009


i am using a fiesta tdci and my partner is using ikon tdci from last 8 months, it has done more thn 25000kms and its best entry leval sedan declaired by j n auto survey, and they r damn right, the difference of price btw fiesta and ikon is more thn 1.75lacs which is gud enough, and as far as noice concern engine is same but the space in bonut is not the same, fiesta has more space for engine and ikon has less space thr thats the only reason u feel more sound in ikon, rest all is fine, covering is also gud and metal is also very heavy, one can easily say its rock solid so forget abt the sound and enjoy the ride....

Answer by Sanjeev 12 December 2009

I keep the volume of the music system high to get rid of the noise that comes out of the engine. I have a petrol Ikon 1.3. If petrol Ikon makes more noise why not a diesel ikon?

Otherwise, the best car I have ever owned (Had an 800 and Esteem in the past). I would replace my current Ikon with another Ikon for its Rock solid build quality. You are protected with a best shell in the segment unlike the other cars where the shell thickness is very less. The suspension is what I love with my Ikon. Its the best.

Definitely a Josh machine.

Answer by Sathish 12 December 2009
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