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Hi all, Mine is maruti versa and using it sparingly around just 200-250 km/month. Is there any loss of petrol from the tank if I kept idle for a longer time [say 15-18 days]. then, my oil changing period also very long, is there any time limit to change the engine oil at particular number of days OR I can change it when my vehicle clocking 5000 km. rgds suresh
By Suresh 12 December 2009

Hi Suresh,

I have not heard or experienced anything of this sort of a Petrol leakage. For the oil changes I have reffered to various Mechanics and they suggest either 5000 KM or 6 month which ever come first to have the engine run smooth. Also after ever 15000 KM you should get you can oil, coolent, petrol etc... pumped out and get the reservior cleaned and fresh oil, coolent, petrol to be filled. This will help you get a better engine life.

This mantra is not only for a Versa, but for any car you have.


Answer by Tarun Trivedi 12 December 2009

Don't keep the car idle for a long duration. This may affect the engine of the car. Follow the advice of Shiva. Regarding the oil change service, I agree with Tarun Trivedi.

Answer by Vetrivelmurugan 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Hi, Keeping car in idle for around 15-18 may result in battery getting discharged and a jump start may be required to start the engine.Hence running the car in idling for about 15 minutes or so each day or two days once or so should be good idea in keeping car inready to use condition. Changeing of oil is recommended once in six months of 5k km running whichever is earlier.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

dear shiva, tarun and vetrivel,
thanks for your suggestions.

Answer by Suresh 12 December 2009
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