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i have a deal for matiz 2004 model for 70000Rs .its in a good condition and the interior is also good.So is it a sensible decision to go for a matiz.....
By Nishant 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Matiz od 2004 at 70K seems to be a genuine offer.Considering the reliability,interiors space, provenperformance of Matiz,it would be worth going for the same.Getting spares might be difficult but possible.Recommended to approach a reliable mechanic/garage who can do the minimum maintenance(like bringing spares etc) for Matiz.With that you can own the Matiz comfortably.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

I would suggest you should go for other makes, which have no issue in maintainance. Matiz maintainance is not as easy as it for current ongoing models. I had to wait for 2-3 weeks to get the wiper motor changed. I would recommend, not to go for Matiz.


Answer by Meha 11 November 2009

Matiz is a real car in my experience better than any other cars now in market, I was praying to this company come back in production, such a loved car.My long journey,Trichy,velankanny , cochin, Iam trusting this car,not bothering about small small wholes in roads comparing to other small cars.As you know spares is little bothering but not mind it .A good local mechanics can help youfor availabilityof spares within one or two days.if youare Tamilnadu neighbouring state you will be available from coimbatore.small delay of course but you are spending small amount for such a lovable car. I love this car

Answer by THOMAS 11 November 2009

Hi Nishant,

Rs. 70,000 for a 2004 Matiz is asking for a bit too much. I sold mine for Rs. 45,000. It was a 2002 Limited Edition Series. No matter how good the condition of the vehicle is, it doesn't make any sense to invest in a car that's been phased out ages back. The situation would become even more tough with each passing day, in regards to the availability of spares and service backup. Please look for other options (Hyundai, Maruti or Chevy) before you take a decision on the same. At the same time, Matiz remains as one of my most intelligent, reliable and economical purchases till date. All the very best.

Answer by Shuvjit Ray 11 November 2009

Please I request you to avoid this vehicle, specially if you are married , as it is very unreliable . It was the 'Car of the Year ' but now its a real pain as there are no service stations and no apares. Local mechanics do a temporary job and its again very unreliable. My suggestion to you is stretch your budget by 30000 and buy a Zen 2000-01 model. You will be a happy man.

Answer by Sanjeev 11 November 2009

The Matiz! Real gem! I have never ever seen such a perfect design. Everything is right in its place. It is a old 800cc Maruti 800 engine but much refined & powerful, better fuel economy of 23kms under standard condition. My 1999 model still today gives an average of 12 kms with ac always on in Ahmedebad city traffic condition. It is better than my zen estillo which gives 13 kms almost same average but lacks in so many respects to Matiz. The 10 years old Matiz suspensions are far better than 1 year old Zen Estillo.
As said and known by no. of people the spare parts are bit a problem & there is a always hanging sword over you when you met with an accident or major break down. However it is real fun to ride better than Santro, WagonR, Zen estillo & other small segment cars.
If you find the honest & clever mechanic & genuine spare parts dealer you can always opt for this car.
It is a like a Beetle of VolksVagon which shall never die irrespective of its manufacturer.
Tata of Korea or GM of USA should make it re alive. Since it is the best small car & won award of European countries for 3 (three) consecutive years. Might be for 1997, 1998 & 1999.
You can safely gamble on this car provided the car is in better condition & well maintained & continuously fully insured. {Insurance companies are reluctant to take insurance of this type of car however, with clear record of car they agree to accept}.
Thanks for listening to us.
Rajesh Shah na Jai Jinendra!

Answer by Rajesh Shah 11 November 2009

Hi Nishant,
You can go for Matiz for sure, its wonder of the car world, so modern during early 2000 and its engine is very next generation thinking model, but becos Daewoo is closed, getting spares is a little problem, but its not tought, may a day's delay, but I wonder whether 2004 model is still available, as I heard the last model was 2002 one, better check with all records properly and with good mechanic, but before go for Maruti make, or chevy spark which nothing but improved version of Matiz for sure. All the very best -- S Joshi

Answer by S Joshi 12 December 2009

after 2001 matiz has not launch any car matiz either ceilo. so 2001 is also available around 45,000 - 50,000 not more then that thanx

Answer by Ravinder 12 December 2009

Dear Sir,
All Thing In Short Plz Don't Go For This Car.If It Is In 50000.00 Also.

Thanks & Regards,
Your Brother

Answer by Madni 12 December 2009

2004 Model Matiz? It seems like a joke. The factory was closed in 2003 and the last model you can trace is 2003. Please check the papers, somebody is trying to dupe you!

Answer by Vipin 12 December 2009
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