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Sir is there any cons in tata indigo manza other than the poor plastic tht has been used. and have heard from my friend at hi speed used to get some noise tht v hear in tata indica during rainy sesons how far is it true. im really confused .please rep at d earlist jus compre manza and i20 and tel d reliable car.. in autocar review also it has gt 8/10 .so in confused state wat to opt fr i20 or manza...thnk u in adv
By Roshan 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

The selection between i20 and Manza would be the selection between a hatchback and a sedan.Both have its own merits like i20 for its style, large interior space, proven performance.Indigo Manza has the advantage of fresh looks, large interior space, higher power and the advantages of a Sedan. If looking for a cute small car to zip around and also keep an account of the parking space available at residence,ease of driving in city condition etc i20 would be a good selection. If parking space is not a problem and would like to make use of the advantage of sedan then Manza would be better. For more details about Manza please refer to Expert review in home page.
In overall, to select one, Indigo Manza would be of much useful and worthy selection.Recommended to test drive the sane.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

Any Hyundai car is a better car than any Tata car. The Manza is not a proven performer. The i20, even while in a different segment is a well built automobile, engineered with quality in mind. Tata cars are just trucks in smaller size.

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

I disagree
Tata has grown and improved a lot over the years in terms of build quality and refinement. The Manza is one of the best cars to come out of the Tata stable and just proves the same. The engine is highly refined and in-cabin noise is pretty low.
If I were looking for a car in that segment I'd go for the Manza any day.

Answer by Quraish 11 November 2009


Its better to go for Hyundai i20 or ford Ikon TDCI or maruti swift desire than manzqa. I did not found the car exciting. its on the same table of indigo classic.

Not impressive...............

Answer by Vishal Sinha 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

I would like Indians to buy Indian cars rather than the foreign ones which are designed and manufactured here.No doubt Tata will take a few years to correct their small mistakes like plastic and small irritants.I would like Tatas to keep a separate Person to look after the small points and with their Collabration with JLR and others,they should learn from the Foreign companies like Toyota,Hyundai,and others.No doubt i20 may be costly but try an Indian Tata and be PROUD of our Indian Company.
Good Day and I liked Mr Umreshi ,the young journalist,defending Manza.
Dr P C Rao, Consultant, Pune

Answer by Dr P C Rao 11 November 2009

I agree with Mr.Umrethi.We should support indian products be they cars or any other product provided they are of good quality.

Answer by Robin Pal Choudhury 11 November 2009

The sedan is always a better option comparing more space, higher segment. As far as Manza is concerned it is a great machine, nothing to do with the earlier Indigo version, it's on an entirely new platform and built on the same assembly line as Linea. Already own a 2002 Tata Indica, which has done 100000 Kms, still in great condition, no major maintenance, original suspension, original clutch plates, engine in great condition, and I am a really fast driver 110+ on higways, no noise problem in any season or at any speed.And this one Manza is a very refined, highly evolved machine, nothing to worry about, already gone for it, go for it without any second thought.
Also go through the Car Trade India review at following link:

Answer by Singh 12 December 2009

i did not want to be part of this, but couldnt resist, i agree to be a proud indian and all that stuff, but recently i drove a friends indica vista, and boy was i disappointed! tata's must improve build quality of their cars, no doubt about it, it feels all rough and unsophisticated. why cant they do it or why they dont do it, puzzles me no end. my friends car is just a year old and he is already talking of changing it...... doesnt that say a lot.

Answer by Umesh 12 December 2009
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