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hi all , i want to know that is innova worth travelling in hilly areas.does it have enough power for riding up the hilly n mountain regions.friends r suggesting me for scorpio bcoz it has lot of power, innova cant cope with hilly tourist places.plz reply its urgent everybody.
By Abhishek 11 November 2009

Both are proven vehicles.In hill stations Scorpio is best compares to Innova.I totally agree with Godwin's comment.

Answer by Panicker 11 November 2009

As far as my knowledge goes, Innova is a class vehicle, very spacious and comfortable. If you are very particular about the power of the engine, go to internet and ask for comparison between the cars of your choice.Pick up of the vehicle depends even on the weight of the vehicle.

Answer by Nvraghu 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Innova has proven performance in all types of roads like hill stations etc, Recommended to go ahead with the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

Innova is good vehicle and can take hilly roads quite well, however hilly terrains are little treacherous. You need to be prepared for the following.

1. Stones, Rocks on the road.
2. River Water flowing through the road
3. Some unforeseen places where there is a pit

Scorpio is preferred for the following reasons.
1. High Ground Clearance - Thus it can go through decent amount of stones etc
2. 4x4 capability - 4WD scorpio is good, and if you get stuck, the vehicle can manage to pull itself out. (unless you go way extreme)

Considering the above, Scorpio or Safari 4x4 is a good option to go with, but people have travelled in their M800 too with passengers getting out at risky areas and help of people to move the vehicle out if got stuck.

Answer by Amit 11 November 2009

One simple answer to this is, on hilly areas the back wheel drives are far more better than the front wheel drives so don't worry just go ahead and rule the roads.
Also Scorpio is a front wheel drive so the performance is doubtful abt scorpio but beleive me Innova will never disappoint you.
One example I'll give you.
I don't know if you from north or south, if you are aware we have 2 ways to reach ooty from mysore one way is with 36 hair pin bends and the other way is a long one.
I took the 36 hair pin bend road with innova and 500 kgs of weight in the car Innova.
It just swiftly climbed up the hill in the 2nd gear ;) that's the beauty of innova and the back wheel drive so don't worry rock the hills.

Answer by Aashish 11 November 2009

The Scorpio is not a front wheel drive vehicle!!! A front wheel drive vehicle is a much better performer in risky conditions in any case. Remember, when you engage 4 wheel drive in any car, you are engaging the front wheels, not the rear wheels. The Scorpio is legendary for providing body pain over even slightly longer drives. The Innova is a beautifully designed vehicle, plush, solid, reliable, tough and comfortable. You should have no hesitation in going for the Innova.

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009

I personally own a Scorpio mHawk, so I'm more inclined on the same. I did ride up a lot of hills and it was like a breeze. Amazing power, even in 4th gear. I've never driven an Innova on hills, but Scorpio is simply amazing!

Answer by Arun 11 November 2009

innova is the best car to go to hiily ares in its segment, scorpio is nothing infront of innova..

Answer by Dipanshu 11 November 2009

Pls go ahead with closed eyes. I recently drove my 7 seater with 7 adults, 8 large suitcases and what not and was extremely delighted with the performance. It did very well on acceleration, pickup and best was its breaking performace.

Answer by Yogesh Pandey 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Innova or Scorpio or any vehicle has the capability to climb the steepest road,as the gears increase the Torque capacity,and hence First gear will surely help you unless it is very steep,the engine has no extra power,if loaded to maximum,with full passengers and Load. If you reduce the load, then the engine will surely help you through the usage of First gear.
Innova is from Toyota ,World leaders in Automobiles, and it is a proven vehicle for design,and efficiency.It may be costly as compared to Mahindras but it has value for that extra cost. I do not like Innova as its shape is like a ghost vehicle,and the passengers are very much inside as the Door top level is quite high.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 11 November 2009

The Innova and Scorpio basically comes under two different classes. The Innova is an MUV whereas Scorpio is an SUV. SUVs outperform MUVs while driving in high-range areas. Go for Scorpio if your want off-roading in hilly areas. Innova is good for highways only.

Answer by Godwin 11 November 2009

There is no comparision of Mahindra with Innova.Just go for Innova. It is a magestic vehicle and will never let you down.

Answer by JB Singh 11 November 2009

in my opinion for travelling throuh ghat roads go for scorpio and for overaal drive go for innova.scorpio isv powered with a little bit more power than innova but in case of handling innova is far most better than scorpio.u can controll it at any pin edges.

Answer by Reddy 12 December 2009



Answer by YASEEN 01 January 2010
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