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Hi Friends, I want to buy a New Maruti WagonR LXI with CNG Fitted from the Maruti Dealer. My Daily Running is around 250 KM in City. So, My request/Question is If any One fitted CNG in His/her Maruti WagonR LXI, Please share your experience ( + ve and - Ve points ) of LXI + CNR. It will be great help to me. Thanking you, Subha
By Subha 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Maruti Wagon R with CNG would certainly be helpful for the requirments mentioned.Please use the link below for user reviews about all cars

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

250km in city daily ??? if you are going to run it as a cab then its OK. If its for own use better go for automatic.

Answer by Sridhar Iyer 11 November 2009

+ve points are cost saving.greener fuel
-ve points are
luggage space is gone
cng pressure oftenly is less on pumps which results in less storage of gas around 5 to 7kg so mileage will depend on gas stored
waiting time on cng pumps is high specially during rush hours which results in lot of time wastage

it is advisable to run car on petrol first and after some years/mileage then go to cng
confirm warranty issue if cng kit will be installed
dealers charges are more compared to authorised cng dealers

Answer by TAPAN SAHU 11 November 2009

If your usage is 250 Kms per day then go for Deasal car.....
Their will not be much price difference b/w gas and petrol.
even gas per leater gives 12-14 where as petrol gives 16-18.

Answer by Yogesh 11 November 2009

With your kind of running, you should look at which car you would like to spend so much time in, on a daily basis. No negatives, CNG or LPG, both are fine fuels, which will leave your engine running smooth and polluting a lot less than diesel or petrol. With four valves per cylinder, the Wagon R breathes rather well, and should run without any problems on gas. The factory fitted gas cylinder does not take away your luggage space.

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009

Thanks a lot friends, for your kind remarks. Really it helps me to find out my solution. i will go for same WagonR + CNG (fitted by Dlr.)
Again, Thanks a lot for support :)

Answer by Subha 11 November 2009

Hi Subha,
Its a good option to buy Wagonr LXI with CNG. Coz it has a good reasons to buy. I currently bought the new wagonr LXI with CNG 1 week ago and driving 60kms daily in hyderabad. And you wouldnt stop appreciating the drive even in CNG. But the only drawback in my city is the no. of CNG stations are less than 10 in number. And the other drawback is waiting time in gas stations due to low pressure filling gstations. Apart from these there is no reason to say no this new car. CNG is much safer than LP as the gas escapes from air as it is lighter and moreover it doesnt pollute the air.

All d best and happy journey

Answer by Santosh 07 July 2011
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