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What are the advanatages and disadvantages of tata indica xeta GLG 2006 model.

By Saravanan on Nov 25, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    Advantage of Indica Xeta is te spacious interiors, build quality decent mileage and reliability. Disadvantage is the not so impresive interiors.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Nov 25, 2009

  • I was owning earlier Tata Indica,whose engine started giving problem after 3 years and it needed engine work costing Rs. 50000/,which I have sold.Now I have purchased Tata Vista Quadrajet/diesel.It is giving poor avg. of 11 Km.on good run.Service of wasan motors,deonar is hopeless.There is no service from dealer/Tata Motors response also.
    Answer by C LGUPTA on Nov 26, 2009

  • TATA Indica Xeta has only disadvantages! dont ever buy thisc car.
    Answer by Jasmeet Singh on Nov 26, 2009

  • All Tata cars are crap to start with, crap to drive, and nothing but scrap in the end. They are much better off building trucks and plucking tea leaves. Great suspension, lousy road feel, good headlamps, lousy Tata service. Don't get stuck with one.
    Answer by B S Kumar on Nov 27, 2009

  • Stay away from TATA petrol cars; I am not too sure about their diesel cars performance.
    TATA cars come cheap but then cheap things are not good (good things do not come cheap).
    Buy a Maruti & Hyundai instead for better peace of mind.
    Answer by Amol Waradkar on Nov 28, 2009

  • Since Tata Indica's Petrol Car's perception in Market is not very good , you will be able to get this used Car in very low rate. May be 1.5 L to 1.8 L. It's very spacious car & very much value for money. Just check up how much it is run. If more than 40000 kms price should be very low. about 20000 Km run is good. Get the vehicle checked up by reliable mechanic before buying.
    Answer by Deepam Morparia on Dec 1, 2009

  • Weak suspension,wheel alignment goes out very fast,tyre does not long last.Engine sound is much more compare to other cars.Body is very much prone to dent.
    Servicing is poor.
    power seems less with ac on.

    Answer by Rajesh on Aug 9, 2010

  • I own a TATA INDICA XETA GLE Car. I have found the following draw backs.
    -Weak Suspension,
    -Wheel alignment goes out fast.
    -The front Tyre gets heated very fast.
    - Speed falls when the AC is on.
    The ADvantages are :-
    - Spacious Interiors
    - Smooth ride
    - Value for money
    - Majestic looks.
    Answer by SM NAIK on Oct 29, 2010

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