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I hav to choose between Access, Pleasure, Activa and Rodeo, What is the best option? ( on performance, Weight, Milege, Look and off course Price?

By Rahul on Nov 24, 2009


  • Expert pleasure r some less in weight and rate also . millage 45..
    activa rwell known model rate 50k with fitting millage 38/40
    acess r also best price 50k millage 45
    for rodeo dont hurry to buy
    Answer by GAUTAMJAIN CHENNAI on Nov 24, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Suzuki Access though costlier of the lot, would make a worthy selection.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Nov 24, 2009

  • 1*buy new activa , it has better milage, better performance due to alteration in head & clutch in new version, 2*dont buy rodieo read reviews on net3*pleasure is old model no major changes are made in model by company 3* activa has good resale value comparing to access
    Answer by AKSHAY on Nov 26, 2009

  • Active is the segment leader. But I recommend you to consider the new Aviator launched today, should be better than the other vehicles which are in your list.
    Answer by Benny on Nov 26, 2009

  • Before buying just wait for few more days TVS is about to launch non gear Bike so that could be a great option. I would recommend you wait for few more days.
    Answer by Gautam on Nov 27, 2009

  • Even if its Late wait and buy Honda Active only. Dont buy others nither u can sell nor you can keep with full satisfaction.
    Answer by Ram on Jun 21, 2010

  • HI,

    The question asked by the buyer is almost 7 months back, and some readers are answering now does'nt make sense as the buyer might have brought the vehicle longtime back almost 5-6 months back, or if the buyer still not bought the bike/scoterette not known.
    Answer by S Joshi on Jun 22, 2010

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