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I want to buy a Hyundai Getz 2005 Model. The car is in excellent condition but for 1 hitch. The engine was ported around a year back and gives an economy of 8kmpl. Is it worth going for this car as i'll be using it for long drives. Is maintaining a car with ported engine difficult? Also, if i want to fit a LPG Gas-Kit for the car, is there any problem for the maintainence. Thanks in Advance.

By Nitesh Naik on Nov 21, 2009


  • Getz should give minimum 10kms/L, & if it's not so that means the vehicle u r seeing should have either stock engine or the heigher end ie. 1600cc but still stock engine...
    so u can't expect milage...

    Just check the history, service & spair replacement reports, get it checked through a good mechanic or authorized service center by lifting the car ( To check the chassie & under area body condition)...

    Then only u make any decission.

    Swapnil Natu.

    Answer by Swapnil Natu on Nov 21, 2009

  • Expert Fiddling with an engine is not a good idea and is generally done by an enthusiast if he really wants the performance. If he's ported the engine for sure he's not been driving the car nice and steadily.
    If you know the seller personally its fine, else most people would abstain.
    Answer by Quraish on Nov 21, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    As per the information, the owner must be quite honest in telling exact condition of vehicle.The expected mileage of Getz is nothing less thatn 10 to 13KMPL. There must be some problem in fuelsupply system, please get the car inspected. Going for LPG kit wont help much as it would tend to reduce engine life further.Maintennce of ported engine depends upon how well the works have been done and also on following scheduled repairs.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Nov 22, 2009

  • Try to buy a CRDI model.,It solves all of your problem.
    Answer by Ramakrishnan on Nov 25, 2009

  • Thanks Guys!!

    looking at the feedback from you and a lot of will be wise to stay from this car...thanks once again for ur inputs,


    Answer by Nitesh on Nov 30, 2009

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