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Im new 2 car driving, just 2 months back I learnt driving and now Im doing own driving on my own new vehicle (ALTO LXI). Anyone please advise me how to drive in best way and which speed to be maintained for best mileage. And I found one problem that while using Gear Rod, it is not smoothly jumping from 1 to 5 gears. Pls give me best tips 2 me, bcz Im newly driving 4 wheeler.
By Sudhakar 11 November 2009

Congratulations on your new car ownership/driving! Like all new experiences, car driving can be exciting and irritating.

Firstly, learn to be in control at all times. With experience you will be able to drive faster, turn harder and make the car obey you completely. But you should give utmost importance to driving smoothly. No jerks, no sudden stops and starts, and if you have a passenger, that person should not even realize you are changing gears. It takes time, so just be patient and if you need, ask someone to show you how to shift smoothly.

Smooth driving is the best compliment for any good driver, even at high speeds. If you drive smoothly, you will get the best mileage too, providing you don't rev the engine too high or drive at over 80kmph all the time! It is not just your vehicle speed, it is also the engine speed that determines your mileage.

Also, please don't drive too slow. It irritates people, slows down traffic, leads to traffic snarls, and keeps you on the road for longer, again wasting fuel. Drive at a speed that goes with the rest of the traffic flow.


Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009

The best speed and to get a good average drive in the range of 50 to 60 kms per hour. Regarding the gear you have to move from 1st to 5th gear one at a time and not directly from 1 to 5. I hope you have understood i.e from 1 to2 and then 3,4 and 5

Answer by Satish J Malhotra 11 November 2009

Hi Sudhakar ji,

WHY do u even try to shift from the 1st to 5th gear and vice versa.....
its a strict NO NO NO.
as Mr. satish explains, 1-2-3-4-5 ... thats the way to go... always down shift gear to gear, 1 level at a time. u'll just run ur car at the soonest.
seriously, u need more time at the driving school
cheer, and safe driving

Answer by Xerxes Printer 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Some points to be taken care by new car users are as follow
1. Drive in appropriate speed keeping in view of the traffic situation and next signal if in city.Never jump signal in hurry.
2.Take care to put hand brake when vehicle is stoped and dont forget to take it out when restarting/ moving.Sometimes it happens because of tension in traffic.
3.Shift the gears according to road condition and room for zooming thus avoid sudden brakes.
4.Use controls proplerly for ex glancing at rear view mirror , cabine mirror and left side rearview mirror can let you know exact position of your car and the other vehicles.
5.Dont get exited over the cars overtaking yours. Please be patient and give way.This though looks simple, can avoid many of the accidents.
6.Keep the vehicle in good condition and make sure it satisfies minimum requirments like fuel, effective brakes, steering etc before taking out.
7.Go to the higher speed as priscribed before changing gears to higher ones.
8.Last but not the least.Remember at end of the day its not how fast you drive that matters, its where you park.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

Gear shifting in Alto is little tricky. You need to get used to it.
Happy driving...

Answer by Alok 11 November 2009
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