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I have recently bought an used lancer (2002 model) car. The car gives a very low milage of 10 Kmpl on highway inspite of driving at a steady 70 Kmph. It has the LPG kit also and the milage is a poor 9 kms per liter of LPG. The expert mechanic has exhaustively checked the engine and replaced fuel injector, spark plug, oil, timing belt etc and tuned the engine to perfection. I need a good milage and now the mechanic says the ECU (ECM) needs to be re programmed. The pick up of the car is excellent and I can attain the speed upto 180 Kmph with ease. Now my main preference is fuel economy and not the racy performance. So while sending the ECU for re programming or remapping, what technical issues have to be considered and how can I get the optimum fuel economy. Your kind suggestions are welcome and the same will be conveyed to my ECU programmer. with regards Vishu
By Vishu 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Considering the cubic capacity, overall performance,majority of Lancer gives the average mileage is around 10KMPL only hence the performance if fairly good and to that of LPG also.By modifying ECU the mechanic may be aimed at supplying lean burn mixture ie reducing quantity of fuel injected lesser but with this the top speed may be reduced and some times starting problems may also result.As the vehicle is serviced and maintained well, we recommend not to go for modifying ECU.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

Thank you sir, You are right. But I have seen owner's review in Carwale .com, where they mention that they get 16-17 Kmpl. I am worried that I am not getting even half of that milage. And the fuel cost is also a major factor that to be considered. So I prefer lean burn mixture. Can you suggest anything in this regard?

Answer by Vishu 11 November 2009

Dear Vishu, one of the best experiences among many cars that I have driven has been the Lancer, the only difference was that I had the diesel version and it use to give me as high as 14 km/L in city and much higher on highways,I suggest that you should only go to an authorised service centre and check with them that average you are presently getting is fine or some thing needs to done about it, do not get your car tuned out side a recognised authorised lancer work shop.

Answer by Manoj Agarwal 11 November 2009

Thank you Manoj jee,

I had got the car serviced at the Mitsubishi authorised service station and unfortunately they do not have the ECM remapping tools and have suggested me to get the work done outside.

Answer by Vishu 11 November 2009


First its important to know wheather u r running ur car with AC or without AC as without AC the milage will increase by maximum 1 kms for high profile cars like Lancer.

Just go through the history of the car as LPG will reduce the engine life & performance too...

All high profile cars are giving around 10kms milage on highways..

If u r suspecting then cross check with someone who has same model & i request u to dont to spend much more money on car at initial stage.......first you run more than 50K kms so that u can understand ur car properly .

One more thing, dont blindly believe on the reviews which are posted on websites, i own a Sonata which dont give more than 6 kms/Ltr in city but there r reviews of 13kms/Ltr on high way where as i have noted max 10.5 to 11.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 11 November 2009

swapnil, thanx a lot for ur kind info. with 1.5 lt engine an ambassador gives 13 kmpl with a/c on on highways. Lancer, with hi fi gadgets should give me more without a/c on highway. But shit, I paid more for sofeesticated technology just to get my head shaved off in the process. without a/c too it doesn't give more than 10 kmpl. I guess rich mixture is the culprit in this case.
Thanx again for ur kind advice.

Answer by Vishu 11 November 2009


You are a proud owner of a Lancer. It is one of the best cars in the segment. Lancer won't give you more mileage but it gives you the best performance in terms of speed and comfort. You should travel in a M800 to feel the comfort of Lancer. At every pothole you go along with in M800 but not in a Lancer. Running cost obviously goes up along with the comfort you get. M800 has a 796cc engine that gives you around 20kmpl on highways. But, Lancer has 1500cc engine under the hood so it is obvious that double the power half the mileage. Still not convinced about your lancer, I will buy ur lancer if you are in chennai.


Answer by Sathish 11 November 2009

Dear satish, Thank u so much for your words of consolation. I am not going to sell off my Lancer. I have spent more than 2 lakhs just on making it look attractive. My friend who also owns the same 1.5 L Lancer gets 17 Kmpl. Thats why I am a bit worried and soliciting viewers suggestion. Any way I think I have found the answer for my questions on Team BHP website. Thanks again and here is the picture of my car.

Answer by Vishu 11 November 2009

ooops, I have typed that my friend gets 17kmpl. plz read it as 15 kmpl.

Answer by Vishu 11 November 2009

pl have a through chek with lancer dealer workshop.have a discussion with company excutive at chennai. mycar gives 12.5km in highway with ac.lpg kit may do some advised not to go for lpg. two persons removed the lpg kits.

Answer by Sshanmugasundaram 12 December 2009

Dear Shanmugasundaram,

you are so kind as u have answered 3 of my previous questions along with the present one. Thank you very much. As you have already told me, I have taken the car to the authorised Mitsubishi showroom in my city and they have done a marvellous job. Now the car gives something like 16kmpl,with a/c on highway at a steady 70 kmph. Earlier, the engine was advanced and the rpm was higher than 1100 and one of the injecors had failed. so everything is set right now and the car is running extremely well. Thank you Mr shiva,mr manoj, mr swapnil, Mr satish and Tiru shanmugasundaram.

Answer by Vishu 12 December 2009

I have Mitsubishi lancer glxi 1.5 petrol 1999 model milage is only 2 kmpl how can increase milage please help

Answer by Albin 02 February 2019

Vishu sir your contact number

Answer by Abhishek N 05 May 2021
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