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Sir, Is it worth for buying TATA-NAno car ??? Pl. suggest . I have 3 lakhs . TATA-NAno in road what is the status ?? Pl. reply Kumar
By Kumar 11 November 2009

well, if u donot mind a second hand car...close ur eyes and pick up a good well maintained ZEN, its one sexy car in terms of looks, performance, fuel economy, maintainence, cheap spares and if ur car breaks down in any wrong place, u'll find dozen's of mecanics who can solve ur problem without any pinch.
and if ur looking for a new car.....then i'm not sure what to advice u.

Answer by Chaitanya 11 November 2009

my answer would be No No

Answer by Minooshroff 11 November 2009

Definitely not until at least two years have passed and the verdict about the car is finally in. Tata have a reputation of producing crap quality and then fixing problems all the time in later models. The Nano is a compromised car to start with, and not worth the money you will have to shell down to get one. It is still in the experimental stage and there is nothing in the Tata lineage to indicate they are good at making great small machines. They are not Honda. Please, please buy a lovely second hand car, maybe from the Maruti family, and you will be very happy.

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Currently bookings are closed for Nano. so you will have to wait till next booking opens and also for allotment probablity of getting delivery will be end of next year.If you want to buy a car in budget range of 3.0 lac in neatr future itself then recommended to check for used santro or any other make.There are plenty of options in used car segment in the range. If preferring new car then go for New Alto.It will be the best option as new car within the budget range mentioned.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

I suggest u, u go for Alto LXI.

Answer by Amit 11 November 2009

Plz ....a genuine ans is NO NANO

Answer by Palka 11 November 2009

You can't buy a Nano right now even if you want to. However, right now your best bet will a Chevrolet Spark, the model above the base variant will fit your budget and you will get all the necessary features. The best thing is that you will not be spending anything on it for the nest three years thanks to the maintenance package that Chevrolet is offering.

Answer by Nilabh Jha 11 November 2009

I am a proud owner of Nano & would definately recommend Nano car if you get it in resale(provided the car is just bought not crossed 1000kms).I know somebody who wants to sell his Nano car yet to be delivered(LX Model)& if you are interested I could refer you to person.The people who are not so fortunate to get the Nano allotment now blame the car which is nothing but "ENVY".So we just have to ignore them & go ahead.

Answer by Yogendra 11 November 2009

dont go for a nano it have certain problems in your budget you can afoord a maruti suzuki alto is the best car in this range

Answer by Ankit 11 November 2009

please go to this website and check the experience of new owners of tata nano. as far as i understand its a good vehicle. give 21 to 25 km/litre. look at the customers diary. ALL THE BEST.

Answer by PAUL ABRAHAM 11 November 2009

tata nano is very good , go ahead and buy . u can save fuel and reduce pllution.

Answer by Ashok 11 November 2009

if u have 3 lack than expend more 60000, and buy indica dls diesel,it is the best car value 4 money,i have 3 indica
and if u wants to buy petrol than santro gls approx 355000
i have also santro gls 2008 model

Answer by Jaypal 11 November 2009

Tata Nano, value for money, spacious, good acceleration, good mileage, comfortable to drive. Go for it.

Answer by Manjeet 11 November 2009

Tata Nano, Good value for money, comfortable to drive, good pickup, good mileage - Now owner of Tata Nano

Answer by Manjeet 11 November 2009

GO FOR NANO -- if u gets it- and
it shines like a rose in a bunch of flowers....
go for A/c model.
Very good feed backs coming out from the owners.

But if u are about to spend 3 lacks, go for a sec- Wagon-R.

Answer by GEORGE 11 November 2009

Base model of Estilo or Top model of Alto . Think no further. Cars are to be driven not to be worried about. I have driven on some of the worst roads in Himachal and Uttatrakhand in Maruti-800 and now i drive Estilo,so go for any make of MARUTI. It is an advice for your well-being only.

Answer by Munish 11 November 2009

Mr. Kumar TATA NANO is now available freely.Without any hesitation please go for NANO it is well within your Budget and moreover it is World Cheapest car and attraced the Attention of Automobile Industry.The reason behind latest Fire accidents are prima facie that the Owners have changed its original features like with Power Steerin and with additional features without the knowledge of TATA Motors.

Hence go for NANO still you have not purchased any car so far.

Answer by MANNE SN 05 May 2010
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