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The SX4 Zxi version costs about 8 lakhs on the road in our city and the Honda City about 10 lakhs. Is it worth buying the Honda City for such a steep price? In other words-- what extra features does the Honda city have that justifies the price difference?
By Abraham Kurian 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes SX4 does make a better selection on account of value for the money invested.Honda price is higher on acount of its brand value and company policy to maintain brand value with higher price ranges.Apart from that Honda cars have the proven success of all models introduced in City versions for its reliability, long term trouble free service.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

honda is an amazing car. u cannot compare a honda and a maruthi. its like comparing a horse and a donkey.
well, sx4 has a nice built engine than compared to any other car engine maruthi suzuki has manufactured. its strong and reliable.
honda is even more reliable. honda parts are double the price of maruthi parts, but remember, honda parts are 3 times more reliable than maruthi parts.
honda all day.

Answer by Chaitanya 11 November 2009

no point shelling more money for brand and then in service and spare parts

compare the common spare parts of sx4 vs would know makes no sense

go for maruti....i own both.....SX4 is anyday better car

Answer by Siddharth 11 November 2009

SX4 and honda city are two diffrent things, you cannot compare maruti technology with honda, you can find many flop cars of maruti or any other company, but honda has given 100 % successful cars except jazz ( yet waiting for review i dont mean it is not successful) you take for example honda city 1.3/1.5/VTEC upper segment accord in SUV Honda CRV now in small cars jazz. secondly honda is more a status symbol, it is also the most fuel efficient car in its class i own honda city vtec and it gives me avg of 20-22 on highway and 15-17 in city, and if you look at the resale value honda is no lesser then maruti.

Answer by Mukesh 11 November 2009

It depends what your drivers are for buying, Is it power or is it mileage, it would be visor to buy a car to give more milage rather than high power which may not be desirable to few. Choice is yours to pay high price initially and save it thru fuel.
Typical SX 4 give a milage of 10 and a typical Honda City would give a milage of atleast 13knpl.

Answer by Aneesh 11 November 2009

The SX4 may be cheaper at 8 lakhs, but I wonder what you are paying 8 lakhs for. With the Honda at 10 lakhs you know exactly what you are paying for - great engineering, unmatched reliability, and probably the highest efficiency of any mass produced car in the world. There is no comparison, really. Each car Honda makes is special in its own way. Maruti is kind of all over the place with so many of its models. Good by Indian standards, all crap by world standards. Honda IS THE STANDARD every other company would be happy to follow!

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009


I suggest you to ignore both the cars, Please wait till Jan-2010 coz new 1.9 Fiet Linea is getting launched.

Which is one of the best & super car in the market.....

U will enjoy both pick up & milage with a Fabulous comfort with both front & rear AC Vents...

Answer by Swapnil Natu 11 November 2009

Guys....there is no comparisio betn honda and is any day better option but guys those were old days..u can get an excellent car at 6.75 lakhs Indigo manza..which has got everything which is needed in luxury sedan....pls test drive it....

Answer by Akash 11 November 2009

city any day
no second thought
test drive and see the difference yaar

Answer by Sammeer 12 December 2009
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