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I have a ford ikon 11months old there is a problem in the battery for which thw=e company said that they cant get it under warranty as i have fixed a horn on my own and i fixed a battery outside it's a diesel car and i get a very poor milage of 8kms-9kms in chennai and12.4 in highways it's 13000kms run and what is the problem for the kreech-kreech sound in the brake and for poor milage at what price could i sell it for ?
By Vishveshwaran 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

For battery problem, call the battery dealer/ shop where it was purchased.They will arrange for repair/replacement of battery.For lower mileage, it needs to be thoroughly inspected as there could be chances of loss of fuel.For brake noise, get the brake pads cleaned/replaced.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

my advice is.....what ever market price u get, please get rid of that lousy ikon. pick up either a honda and if thats not happening think of a maruthi. it also depends on what kind of a car u looking for......
if its going to be a family used vehicle u can think of honda city, or the hyundai accent (though i hate hyundai)but we donot have choices. a maruthi should also be fine.

Answer by Chaitanya 11 November 2009

Unfortunately for you, the Ikon is one of the less refined cars that Ford has put out, better than only the Escort. The brake problem can be easily fixed by your mechanic. The mileage issue, however, is cause for concern, though perhaps not a major issue. It could have to do with cleaning your injectors or having them checked and recalibrated. You might be very disappointed to hear the used car sales figures for your car, so perhaps you should fix your problems and see how things work out.

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009

Please get your car checked with your a dealer or a good mechanic, the diesel engine which also runs fiesta, offers excellent economy and ford is always known for a driver's car. Honda is way too costly against what it offers. Depends on your choice.

Answer by Alok 11 November 2009

boss me too using ikon ford tdci and im very happy, on normal driving it gives 18-20 km avrg and on high way 22 so may be ur car have some prblm so pls check it and handling of car is too good

Answer by Himanshu 11 November 2009

As for the battery, have the complete electrical system checked by the dealer and by the batery dealer from whom you bought the battery or a good battery dealer who has the facility to check.Use only reputed branded batteries.Fixing a horn is no big sin, but the car dealer is not responsible for a battery you bought.
Regarding the mileage, have it set right by the dealer. If they refuse, ask them to give it in writing and inform FORD INDIA.A car with a very good mileage- it's surprising. Pl.note that driving style can affect the figures.So, have someone else drive the car and check the mileage.Then meet the dealer.Chennai has more than one dealer.So ,try both.
The noise in the brake could be as simple as dirt or grime in the system.As you have used the car for only 13,000 kms, it should be nothing more serious.
We are yet to produce a perfect car.The no. of Ikon taxis in Chennai itself is testimony to the quality of the car.Don't treat the new generation cars like our own old horses- ambi&Fiat.Follow service instructions and use good spares.

Answer by Raj Kumar 11 November 2009

i think there is a controversy btween ikon and maintenance, although your car is a new one, but in my car , there is a major pblm of suspension, power steering and parts are very costly,,, better to you is make it serviced to the company or if u wanna sale this, sale it urgent because for an another year,,, ur car cost remains around one lac bcoz resale is bad,,, only maruti runs over indian roads and ofcourse on ur pocket, swift vdi or indigo cs is a good option for you

Answer by Slk 11 November 2009

Boss, make sure to get rid of this lousy vehicle as early as possible. In my Opinion, Ford is Khod (Khod {its Punjabi Word} in English it means Leprosy). Ford is a disease in itself my friend. Even if you will get rid of it, you will be infecting some other person with it.

Answer by Yogesh Gupta 11 November 2009
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