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Hi Mr.Shivshankar, I drive a SPARK LPG (touchwood; it's a good car) with AC always while on the move. When it is cold enough I just switch off A/C mode and run the fan only and this happens very frequently when my family is with me. Do frequent off and on of the A/C effect the compressor or any other parts adversely? Seems that the heating coil and compressor is working simultaneously while keeping the thermostat on the border line (when you switch off the a/c switch hot air comes in). Please advise a good driving habit.
By Ranjith 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

There is nothing to worry in switching on and off of AC.When AC is switched off you can use blower fan if engine is hot there is chances of hot air through blower fans.It wont affect working of thermostat or compressor in anyway.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

There's no issue with switching the AC on or off at intervals. It wont affect the car although the continuously changing ambient temperature might feel uncomfortable.
If you are not doing it to save fuel, you have the option of reducing the blower speed and also adjusting the hot / cold air knob a little way away from the coolest setting (full blue) till you feel the air temperature to your liking. This way its a lot more comfortable especially when going for long drives.

Answer by Quraish 11 November 2009
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