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I HAVE Indica 2003V2DLS when i race more it smokes black & in ac little pick up problem.but temp. is allways there engine problem?

By Sanjay on Nov 19, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    The fuel injection is to be checked and also decarbonisation canhelp to reduce black smoke.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Nov 20, 2009

  • Decarbonizing will not reduce smoke. It will just clean whatever deposits have been caused by incomplete burning so far. Injection system needs to be cleaned and recalibrated and perhaps even your valves could be checked. A little play in one of the valves can reduce the efficiency of your engine. Tata does have a good A/C unit, so enjoy the cooling!
    Answer by B S Kumar on Nov 20, 2009

  • Expert Black Smoke means IMPROPER COMBUSTION leading to Poor Pickup,sluggishness of engine and most important is the unnecessary Fueling,as Black smoke is caused by Escess FUEL.
    You have to check why there is Excess FUel, or it may be also,that the fuel may be okay,but less AIR and once that setting is disturbed, you get lots of problem of engine.
    This happens mostly in Diesel engines,which is very marked,but if it happens in your Petrol engine, kindly show it to the Dealer,to check.
    Also check whether the AC is putting more load due to some problem in AC unit. Anything excess of Load, due to extra weight added in the vehicle, or brake binding and not allowing the wheels to rotate freely,also can cause this problem. Remove the Excess Load on engine, check Fuel settings ,and Air restriction in Air cleaner etc.
    Good Day
    Dr P C Rao, Pune ,
    Answer by Dr P C Rao on Nov 20, 2009

  • Generic tata problem with thier older engineschange over to a different car
    Answer by Ashok on Nov 20, 2009

  • Dear Sanjay
    Black smoke in cold engine is normal condition. But if there is a blck smoke in hot (normal) temp is a serious. If the car is not used more than 50,000 Km What Dr Rao Said should be done. If More used then check blow by ( leakage of compression from piston rings) this occur due to poor lubrication and more use/wear. This can be easily checked from dip stick of oil. if yes black smoke is due to burning of oil in engine due to wear.
    Dont worry about the major work you need to overhaul the engine. This work should be done at reliable garrage or any
    tata show room. (@20-25K) it will give new like engine performance.
    Answer by KURKUTE J D on Nov 20, 2009

  • If your car completed above 1 lakh kms ,consider engine overhaul.
    Answer by Bikerman2 on Nov 20, 2009

  • smoking is the basic prblm of indica but if the smoke is in dark blue colure don't take tension get over all checkup and pickup prblm cant be solved for good pickup change the car or u like indica so go for turbo one good pickup
    Answer by Himanshu on Nov 20, 2009

  • Nothinh ro worry.There is no engine problem.It might be that ur oil filter and air filter nedds to cleaned or changed.
    Answer by ASHOK on Nov 20, 2009

  • in 2003 v2 model have a pick problem,u should checked ur car in tata authorised centere,black smoke sometimes come out of indica, clean the carberator,diesel filter, and silencere converter,problem may be sort out

    Answer by Jaypal on Nov 20, 2009

  • Pl.check up whether engine oil make up is reqd.often,atleast 1 litre every month.Then your engine work is there.It will cost u atleast 40000/-.I have similar problem in my INDICA OF 2006.I have sold the same
    Answer by CLGUPTA on Nov 20, 2009

  • Dear sanjay
    Hi I think your vehicle silencer is chocked, you better go to the nice service center and cleaned your vehicle silencer, and get done a good service of your car and make sure that the engine oil is of castrol with geniune tata filers of diesel and oil and whenever your car serviced, you should ask to the dealer for cleaning of the silencer and after that you will find the diffrence in your car.
    Thanks & regd
    Sanjiv arora
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    Answer by Sanjiv Arora on Nov 20, 2009

  • One possibility is oil leakage which indirectly means time for engine reboring!If the car has low mileage a look at spark plugs could help.
    Answer by SANTHOSH RAJAGOPAL on Nov 20, 2009

  • air filter may be choked/damaged,if problem persist injector nozzles/valve timing to be checked. if engine oil level is reduced with the above problem ,piston rings may be wornout causing gas blowby .please check the engine with experience technicians.
    Answer by Akshay on Nov 21, 2009

  • The engine oil may have been dried. Clean it and replace the same with fresh oil. Your smoke problem will be sorted out
    Answer by Sourav Chakraborty on Nov 22, 2009

  • Dear Sanjay,
    Do not Panic it just a smiple problem Check the oil or else the diesel you put 99% of the times it is observed that people who put Turbo Diesel complain about the black smoke again get a puc done just to ensure that
    it is not throwing carbon in excess


    J Fernandes
    Answer by Fernadnes on Nov 28, 2009

  • Hi,
    First you have to check as below.

    Remove the Lub oil leveler totally out, then some one has to switch on & raise the engine RPM By giving max accelerator, if oil drops are flushing out of the dip scale vent then u have to consider that the engine piston rings are worn out.

    If not, then as said above, check all the parameters one by one.

    Further i suggest you to get the Turbocharger fitting done, which will cost u around 10 to 15K, but it will help u in all ur above problems..

    Answer by Swapnil Natu on Nov 28, 2009

  • get your diesel injectors and fuel pump calibrated and if the problem is still there then your cylinder head valves are leaking go for head rebuilding.
    Answer by Hussain on Jun 4, 2014

  • my tata manza car blowing black smoke when I use 2nd gear or further. earlier I change fuel injector and after that my car being run smoothly. after 1-2 months, again problem occurring. what can i do? please let me know
    Answer by Jasmine Singh on Jan 22, 2016

  • hi i have tata sumo victa in my vechical we have oil consuption problem bu pickup is too good
    Answer by Karthick on Mar 14, 2016

  • may be turbo problem

    Answer by Rt Senthil on Jul 5, 2016

  • My Indica V2 DLS 2004 Model sound like a Sumo engine & the smoke is too black that can't see a thing when I start after a long gap. Is it due to fuel filter or fuel pump .pls hel
    Answer by O.Perme on Oct 15, 2016

  • engine oil level decreases to end tip of fuel gauge after 2500 of engine oil change, why
    Answer by Sunil Kumar Rai on Jul 8, 2017

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