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I am planing to settled in kerala next year july after my 30years life in gulf.I wish to purchase Maruti SX4 diesel/petrol Automatic version with Leather or Hoda City. Please suggest some one to me which is better? Maximum i will drive 50km/day? So diesel/petrol which is better? Fuel consumption which car is better? when the correct time for purchasing? Regards, P.THOMAS JOHN
By P Thomas John 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

SX4 will be the better option for its overall performance, utility, value for money and onroad image.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

i own sx4 as well as honda city.. i can say one thing if you want a feel like a suv car with good safety you can go for sx4 if you want to have a normal drive exprince you can go for honda ...

Answer by Robin Gupta 11 November 2009

Please find below comments,

1) Steering is very hard your wife or daughter cannot drive it.
2) Reversing is tough as you could hardly see anything on back
3) On bumpy track or speed brakers vehicle rolls heavily due to higher ground clerence
4) Above 120 kmph you feel uncomfortable on highway
5) Interiors are poor quality

Honda City:
1) Excellent drivebility,
2) Very good control, you never realize 150kmph speed
3) You can turn steering with fingers
4) Part quality & interior quality is unmatchable.

In my openion it is the best car in this segment.

Answer by Prashant 11 November 2009

Honda City is always better to go low mantances n good drive its a good car u can trust

Answer by Deven Sheth 11 November 2009

I own a SX4 VXi for the past one and half years and my uncle uses a City for the past 3 years. Here are my comparisons.

1. SX4 road cost is lesser compared with Honda City.
2. SX4 gives 10kmpl within city limits and 13kmpl on highways (approx); Honda City gives 15kmpl within city limits and 18-20kmpl on highways.
3. SX4 maintenance cost is lesser because of Maruti. Honda City maintenance is also okay.
4. SX4 Interiors is one of the worst in its class. Every week, i have to check whether some parts have gone loose or is still holding its place.
5. Driving experience wise, Honda City gives a great satisfaction than SX4.
6. Since i have fixed a Parking Sensor on the rear side below the boot, i find it very easy to do reversing in SX4. This one is helping me a lot.

At the time of my buying a car, there was speculation of the new Honda City launch which saw an increase in the base cost of city by Rs. 1.25 lakhs. If not for that, i would have gone with City.

Answer by Sundar Ganesh 11 November 2009

honda will be better

sx 4 is not running in market as honda
looks of honda is excellent

Answer by Jaypal 11 November 2009

SX4 is better value for money. I owned one from November 2007 to November 2009. Mine was a petrol version. Diesel version was not available.

SX4 looks and runs great. Mileage was 12KmpL (local road)/15KmpL(highway). It gives smooth drive. You feel safe inside the car. It has most of the modern safety features such as Anti Lock Brake, Dual Airbag etc. On highway, SX4 behaves like an aircraft!!. Smooth and silent.

The only problem I found was the gear shifting becomes a little hard. When I had this problem, I went to a local Maruti Dealer and tested about 7 other SX4 cars. They all have this problem (Personally, I expect the gear shifting to be as smooth as cutting butter!!!). Majority of people may find SX4's gear shifting as normal.

Minor rattling from the door panels can develop after about 1 year of use. However, this is barely noticeable.

I have driven many other international makes such as Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Honda etc. SX4 compares to them in overall ovperformace.

For under Rs. 8 lakhs (including tax and registration), you get a great car.

I am keen to know how the Diesel version is.

Columbia, Missouri,U.S.A

Answer by Balachan Dran 11 November 2009
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