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I have one 1978 model Royal Enfield Bullet,the problem is petrol consumption is more, how can I get more of my friends told me to use Rajdoot Bikes Carbarator. is it useful and give more mileage. thanks-george kannoth-Vazhani
By George 11 November 2009

You can get a boost in your mileage, by using the same carburettor, with the fuel flow adjusted, but the disadvantage wud be u cannot be going very fast. On the other hand, if u change to thunderbird carburettor, you can get a mileage boost, n go in the same speed. I hope you get a solution.

Answer by Sriyamunan 11 November 2009

you can go with standard 350CC or Thunderbird; using otherthan this you won't feel riding Bullet.

Answer by STSenthil 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

pl send qury in detail ..
presently how much millage giving .
only carburater is not a one reason of millage loss.
go a good mech, check all points as cluch ,drive chain ,bore , head , and than decide where is fault . but 1978 model avg 28/30is maximum .
u can increase millage in also new origanal carburater till 30. it will best for ur bike to long term without any kind of other problem

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

As the engine gets older, drop in mileage is quite common due to wear out of parts,frictional losses etc. Changeing carburettor can help little but the performance would be affected.Recommended to get the bike serviced well and follow fuel saving tips like switching off while idling for long, etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

Hi. Wat Sriyamunan said is right. U better use Thunderbird carburettor. Ur mileage will increase.

Answer by Srisharan 11 November 2009

Dude, its a Royal Enfield you cannot expect mileage with that. If it gives you 25-30 its the best it can give (1978 model). If you looking for mileage get a 100cc bike.

If you planning on selling your beast lemme know i would be interested in buying her.


Answer by Bharat 11 November 2009

replace the old carb. with new standard carburetor & adjust the point setting with help of good mech. than bike will give u milage of 30to 40+ if engine is in perfect condition

Answer by Akshay 11 November 2009
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