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Hi Mr. Shiv Shanker. I am very interested to buy The New Santro GLS LPG. What would be the maintainable cost in long term. Also I am buying LPG Car for the first time.I am scared whether performance of car will be dropped (Pickup & Drive Comfort). Also what will be the average in city traffic with A/C on LPG Drive. Last to ask - what is the future of Santro... Very Old Label of Hyundai... Do u think it will be phased out in near future.
By Vijay 11 November 2009

I have asked the same question when i had bought Santro 6 months back, the answer was " Santro is bread and butter for Hyundai India just like Maruti 800 for Suzuki, hence there is no definite plans to phase it out at all right now" so i guess i will there atleast for another 3-5 more years. Moreover if a person is going to use the car sparingly,like i do, say around 30-50 kms per week, LPG is not worth investing in, to get the Return on Investment. You will not get major difference in Performance when on LPG or Petrol, in fact sometimes people forget if they are on LPG till the vehicle stops and then they need to turn to petrol. Maintenance wise there is hardly anything if you going in for factory fitted LPG kit.

Answer by Geetendra 11 November 2009

Pickup and driving comfort is same as in petrol driven mode. In city it gives 12 kmpl and in highway it ranges between 14-16 kmpl. My running is above 80 km a day on an average and the saving is considerably higher. I hope Hyundai will maintain its earlier brand Santro well and good in the market.

Answer by Abuthalha 11 November 2009

santro lpg is great pickup is good mileage about 11 in city with ac 15
on highway go for it good luck

Answer by Nisarali 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Santro LPG version has been quite a success in factory fitted lpg versions.The performance is comparitively quite good and there are no much troubles reported.The mileage of 11 KMPL of LPG can be expected and can increase slightly in petrol input.Recommended to go ahead with the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

I would support Geetendra as one of my friend is working with Hyndai and he said that Santro would be phased out in the year 2014 so still there are 4 more years but the question remains the same my monthly running is appx 1200 km which vehcile should i opt for santro LPG or Spark LPG?

Answer by Arpit Jindal 11 November 2009
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