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1 How engine becomes old as in related to performance. What is the life span on two wheelerand four wheeler engine.. 2 How wear and tare happens in engine.How can it be protected.
By Mahesh 11 November 2009

the first answer is in your question..
ie wear and tear occurs as combustion taking place inside..
cylinder become hot and cold various time.. and at certain time due to fatigue.. it detorts..
wear tear cannot be predicted easily in india especially..
in ideal case it could reach 10-15 years aproxx..
2 wheeler has shorter life span as compared to 4 stroke as combustion speed is 2wice..
2. viberatin.. impropper heat discipation.. clearance.. these all factors depends upon it..
the only way to reduce it is maintaince.. ie regular servicing and lubrication...

i hope u find this useful

Answer by Karan Anand 11 November 2009

All engines undergo wear and tear during normal usage. Thermal stresses don't affect modern engines very much, but corrosion is also a normal cause for ageing with time. Loss of compression is the first noticeable performance drop cause, and it happens due to the piston rings wearing out and allowing the fuel or gas and air mix to slip through, causing a drop in efficiency/mileage. Two wheeler engines usually run at higher revolutions compared to four wheeler engines and therefore wear out quicker. This is particularly true of single cylinder engines, whereas in four wheelers there are more cylinders sharing the workload. There is no way to prevent mechanical wear and tear, but you can slow down the process by using the right oils, driving gently and by following maintenance procedures. One of the ways to prolong engine life that has been popular for a while is to allow the engine to run for a minute or so, before putting any load on it, in order to allow the engine oil to come to a certain temperature higher from a cold start, so that it gets a chance to come in contact with all its intended surfaces. Find a book called "Drive it Forever" and you can read more!

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

The life of an engine depends upon build quality , technology used and maintenance. Wear and tear is common in all machinary. An engine is subjected to thermal stresses due to enormus heat developed in combustion chamber, friction due to moving parts like piston, connecting rod, crankshaft etc.In short, Lubrication system, cooling system helps for longer life of engine.If all maintenance repairs are done according to schedule as prescribed by manufacturer the vehicle as a whole can give longer trouble free service.
The life of engine of two wheeler and four wheeler greatly depends upon usage.A high quality well maintained two wheeler can give service for more than 25 years so do cars.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009
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