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Hi Can you please let me know which is the best car in terms of fuel efficiency and ease of driving out of ALTO/SPARK/SANTRO
By Chandra 11 November 2009

All 3 cars easy to drive. Alto most efficient with best brakes but pick-up drops if you use A/C. Santro most powerful here. To be frank for city choose Alto. If you regularly hit highways choose SANTRO.

Answer by Sagar Ade 11 November 2009

Alto is the most fuel efficient car, but being the cheapest of all three looks and feels cheap too. Nearly for the same price you can get a Spark, which has a much better feel and the drive is pretty good too. In terms of mileage, Spark would give an average of around 14-15 in city, which is slightly less than 16-17 of Alto, but once you sit inside it, you won't even think of Alto.

Answer by Rahul 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

For ease of driving Spark is better whereas Alto has best efficiency and lower price too.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

SPARK is better manueverability, low noise and good efficiency. AVailable in four trims and option pack with alloy wheel and driver side airbag.

Answer by RAKESH 11 November 2009
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