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Hi, I have a 2004 Ambassador 1.8 Petrol car. It's a Grand model( similar to avigo).I intend to modify the rear portion( removing fins and make it round)similar to earlier land master design. Is it possible i can modify clutch peddle and stearing wheel? Is there any body who can do it? I am from karnataka state working in a Gulf Country. Pl provide me some details.

By Manjunath on Nov 12, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    The body can be changed as required.Please contact chinkara cars regarding the same. Modifying oh cluthc pedal and steering wheel may not be possible.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Nov 12, 2009

  • hi. just changing / removing the the rear fins or changing the bonnet will not solve the problem. you need to have the front grill & the bumper assely to change with if you really want your amby to look like land master. i own a landmaster 1954 & i know a couple of old body shop guys who can fix it for you. with a little struggle , you can find all the accessories here in hyderabad.
    Answer by Munaf Patel on Nov 13, 2009

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