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Hi, I am planning to buy a diesel car with a budget of abt 6.5 lac. max. what would be the best choice. my priorities would be better driving dynamics, ride and over all comfort with in the car. is Ford Ikon TDCi a better option to invest in. would keep the car for atleast 6 -7 years so resale value is not a problem.
By Jalaj 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

The New Manza would be a beter coince on account of reliability, good resale value.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

Dont look left dont look right, You have choices in TATA Manza Aura Quadrajet, with mileage of 18 in diesel, Mahindra Renault Logan 1.5 DLS, mileage of 20, If you are a real style lover .. then also check the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer .. its super cool .. mileage of 15.

Answer by Iqbal Sayed 11 November 2009

dont purchase any car of ford becouse maintinance cost is so high so please go to swift desire VDI or tata Manza

Answer by Pankaj Bathla 11 November 2009

ford fiesta 1.4 exi best car
city 14kmpl.highway 18-20kmpl
best choice...cost of maintainance is high..
but the car worth

Answer by Arun 11 November 2009

i presently have ford ikon diesel 1.4 tdci...i m fully satisfied with cars performance till now, gives me average of 17-19 in delhi city traffic, and around 22 on highways...its a Drivers Car, drivability and performance depends on how u keep ur car. I am a Ford fan, i have one one ikon 1.6 zxi petrol. I just love it. this diesel option is amazing. however this engine is same in ikon diesel and fiesta diesel, due to change in interiors. if ur budget allows u may go for Fiesta, but i wud still go with ikon. anyways plz dont go for dzzire or indica vista. cant comment on Indigo Manza. Rest is ur choice. my suggestion ikon.

Answer by Rachit 11 November 2009

I am using Ford car from last 4 years... definitely its a good car if compromise with maintenance cost and resale value...
At the present scenario if i were u i would have closed my eyes and bought indigo Manza which is value for money.....


Answer by Shekar 11 November 2009

Wait, Ford figo. Volswagon Polo sedan and many more cars are coming shortly for your budjet.

Answer by Ramakrishnan 11 November 2009

In this economic climate, with a flood of choices for the used car buyer, nobody can predict which car will hold most of its value 5 or more years down the line. No new car, especially from Tata, can profess to reliability down the road either.

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009

Considering the fact that u plan to keep the car for about 7 years i feel reliability and good after sales should be ur priority.keeping all this in mind I think the swift dzire diesel is the best bet.Don't consider the manza simply because howsoever good u maintain a tata car it will have niggling problems which are nothing major but can be frustrating.The ford ikon tdci is an excellent car by all means but since it is an outdated design keeping the car for 7 years makes no sense.Another option is the logan but then again the logan is a pretty outdated design.So inmy opinion go in for the Maruti Swift Dzire VDi.

Answer by Rohit 11 November 2009

Don't think much ,go for Indigo manza.

Answer by UMESH 11 November 2009

dzire would be the best choice.......manza is a tata product..... so dont expect engine refinement and driving pleasire from it.
maintainece is also high in tata products.....
dzire is best in this segment....go for vdi model.

Answer by Dheeraj 11 November 2009

I am sure u r a confused person by now.well Ford cars are if not the best drivers cars, excellent steering feedback, minimum to no bodyroll or understeer.
Dont go for the Ikon its pretty old & could b phased out as well. The Fiesta is perfect but u need to up your budget.
Other choices r the swift desire, its a hassle free buy.. no doubt.There is nothing wrong with the Manza other than being a Tata.Its got Fiats great mulijet D engine thats reliable, efficient & refined and which is the same engine that powers cars like swift,desire,vista,linea,punto & many more to come.Its a big value for money car too. But all depends on your budget.
If possible always go for a car with abs. Its a life saver but it ups ones budget in a huge way.
Figo, polo due for launch early next yr r all hatches.

Answer by THOMAS 11 November 2009

I have been using a Ford Ikon 1.6 nxt for the past five years. I would'nt trade it for any car in it's segment.I have driven ikon1.3 and Fiesta and ikon1.8 diesel. All have the same driving characterestics- 'A beautiful responsive,obedient, controllable, driver's car. You drive your vehicle,and enjoy driving, then go for a Ford.If your wife is the one who drives, your car, the go for Hondas.The ride of all Fords are sporty, not soft, but still comfortable.Even at 170km/hr, my car gives you a feel of the road, no"gliding", it moves.Gliding and sliding are separated by a very narrow line.You get v.good mileage from Ford vehicles.
If you don't mind a hatchback, then wait - you have beauties coming from Fordand VW.Otherwise go for the Ford of your Choice.

Answer by Raj Kumar 11 November 2009

please dont buy ford buy ikon ford is a hell company pls dont buy it i am willing to sell my 2008 december ikon car spent 50000rs in 11 months go for Swift Dzire,hyundaiVernano Ford...........,Chevorlet(G.M)Regards and it does not have EPS steering which is available in Maruti

Answer by Vishveshwaran 11 November 2009

Go for Dzire or Manza

Answer by Ajay Mishra 11 November 2009

Considering all Swift dezire is best vehicle for mileage effeciency reliability and durability .Maruti have broad servicing units even in small towns Ford have no servicing stations in towns and servicing and spares are very cost . U want to keep vehicle for 6- 7 years so allways better to by Swift Dezire VDI .Reply after u buy the vehicle

Answer by Dr Satya Prasad Chava 11 November 2009

Dear all,
Considering my budget Fiesta is out of equation. Dzire has waiting period of atleast 4 mnts. I liked the manza but am still not sure as to which car to go for. I have enquired with Ford Showroom and they have assured me of much lower cost of ownership.
The running parts prices have been reduced and now are at par or less then compt. like maruti/ tata.
plz suggest.

Answer by Jalaj 11 November 2009

Hi. Its better not to go for Ford. Its maintenance is high. its the only disadvantage in ford. Better u can go for Mahindra Renault Logan or Maruti Swift or Dizire. Both cars r less maintenance cost n good mileage when compared to Ford Ikon. Moreover u cannot expect good pickup in new Ikon when compared to old Ikon Diesel. If u can spend more, u can go for Hyundai Verna Diesel and Fiat Linea Diesel. Both r really good. Am using Fiat Diesel car only. Fiat Diesel engine s always good.

Answer by Srisharan 11 November 2009

HI all
I bought MAnza Aura + diesel.
Fantastic car great features and space.
lovely engine ( little turbo lag )
over all a superb car.

Answer by Jalaj 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Congradulations ,Wish you all the best and have nice time with your car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Hi Jalaj,

Congratulations!. Please upload some photos of the car. Enjoy the ownership. All the very Best.

Answer by Talha 02 February 2010

I drive a Ford fiesta 1.6 D for the last 3 years. Suddenly , the vehicle was down and going to a ford workshop , was informe dthat ECM needs to be changed with a very ripoff prices. Furhter they said that ECM curent ly fited with the vehicle has some other vehicle link. Is it possible and is there any way to get afair prices for ECM

Answer by Mishra 04 April 2011
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