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Dear Mr.P C Rao & Shiv, Hi am mr.joshi from Bangaloe and have Daewoo Matiz car since 1 year, what is your opinion about this car? As I was not too happy with the car, was having Maruti 800 and quite happy with car, but after buying Matiz my happiness of driving a car is reduced becos of too much maint of this car, so I thought of selling this car, but most of my friends and even mechanics have given good opinion about this car and said this Matiz superior than 800, santro & even indica. So being works manager for daewaoo cars for solong what's your opinion on this car? as I still dont want to sell this car, many thanks. S-Joshi - Bangalore
By S Joshi 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Dear Mr.Joshi, Im taking the liberty of answering your question. hace you bought the old Matiz just an year ago? That itself was a wrong choice. Im sure you would have got an amazing deal, but its just not worth it. the spares and the service. You are happy with the M800 as you would have been maintaining it quite weel, after all these years the reason some one sold the Matiz to you would have to been to get rid of the car.
I would suggest that you sell of the car at the earliest and get yourself an Alto or a ZEN. The mechanics are talking theoritically. but the car that you have got yourself for is just not worth it.

Answer by Ujoshua 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Nodoubt the performance of Matiz is much better than 800 and and competes with Indica and Santro.As you are owning the car,you must also have good contact withmechanics for Matiz and hence it will be worth using the same car for few more months and sell off the car if maintenance problems increases.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

Hi Mr.joshua,

I am not in a situtaion to accept your suggestion, when particular company closes, people including experts say the value of that car is hell lot reduces (even less than value of two wheeler, beco's people say you can buy matiz at less than rs.40000.00 where you cannot buy 100cc motor vehicle) what a pity? and getting a spare is very difficult,what a false opinion, when spurious second hand/duplicate of spares of well known brands are available in plenty, where is the question of not available of spares? But I driven santro or Indica and surely Matiz is surely better than this cars and even spacewise better than Santro and Wagon-R and also milegewise too. You guys only says negative thoughts, I am asking positive points of this car? which you totally forgotten to tell/explain. S-Joshi - Bangalore

Answer by S Joshi 11 November 2009

The facts of Matiz are its resale value is as low as 40K, even if the spares are available they purposely charge more bcoz they are not widely available.

When matiz was launched it had engine which was way too advanced at that time so a road side mechanic cannot be the best option for your car. It is a very low maintainance car but look for a good mechanic and you wont have any further problems.

Answer by Gautam 11 November 2009

Dear Mr.gautam,

Where you can get Matiz for as low as Rs.40000.00, please give us the details I will buy and keep for future, simply you guys wrongly give advise to the whole world that, you can get cars of any closed companys at a throw away price? where my dear, if anybody selling either it is totally damaged or accidental car and definitely not a well conditioned car? as when Matiz was launched it was above 3 lakh range during 7/8 years ago, imagine if the Daewoo was there? what would been the situation? don't give wrong picture/advise/opinion. It surely hurts for owners of this car.

Answer by SHYAM JOSHI 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Matiz design is good but there is a limit to its goodness,when it comes to Mechanic expertise,and spareparts.
I am not an Expert in Cars much because my ERA was Amby and Padminis. I cannot answer straight way.
Dear Mr Joshi,I think,if you are happy with its performance,keep it and run it as far as possible, and if any parts are required, I think you have a good mechanic who can suit the same but be CAREFUL on BRAKES system.You may have to ask your Mechanic to be extra careful if he wants to suit some Brake system parts, if the original Matix may not be available,or it is too costly.
Fixing an equivalent Maruti ,or a Santro, can be tried, but I do not like you to try this option.
Use the matiz as it is with the help of your mechanic, but inform him,that he should not tinker with Brake system.
Then you have to sell at whatever cost you get, as it is not ROAD WORTHY,and it may lead to accident for no fault of your driving.
Dr P C Rao, Auto COnsultant ,PUne

Answer by Dr P C Rao 11 November 2009

I owned a Matiz for 08 years. It was absolutely a no problem vehicle. But the availability of spares is now a problem. Once the model is out of sight. It is better to get rid of it as soon as U can or else it will have a fate of fiat(padmini) after 2/3 years.

Answer by Biswabash 11 November 2009

I am having this cute wonder for the last 9 yrs, till date expect tyre change, battery change, regular oil change in 5000Kms and general service i never ever have taken to any mechs. Really its far better than 800 and better than the most available small cars in india in terms of performance i have driven 75000kms so for still i love it.So dont sell it take to a experienced mechs they ll guide you.

Answer by Anilsooraj 11 November 2009

I dont think Matiz incur high maintainable, unless you have a major problem in your car. Go to the best mechanic, I could suggest the TVS is doing the best and have a consultation. But it is up to everyone to decide whether incurring more exp on major problem is benefit or not. If you have passion for you matiz, you can go head and fix the major problem, otherwise sell it for some cheaper price. Its resale is cheaper than a bike.

Answer by Vinod 11 November 2009

According to my experience, Matiz is one of the strongly build, safety most, high performance car. You had taken a wise decision in buying matiz. Even I own matiz and I had no problems with it. The car has been running successfully since 8 years.
Sir, really, it a good car. Its unique car not be compared with others. Please trust me, believe me!

Answer by Prabhakarrao22 11 November 2009

Mr. Joshi just read and understand before commenting back, I said you can get this car for minimum 40k to beyond...

If you think its not true try selling your car then you will realize what prices people will quote for your car. You wont get a single offer above 80k. If you think its not true just try selling your car... You are not ready to except the fact, I hope you have understood now... anyways Matiz is a great car but now so many cars in second hand market it doesnot really get the deserving price.

Answer by Gautam 11 November 2009

Mr. Joshi, If you had made your choice 4~5 years back, it was a sense but buying 8~9 year old vehicle for which you do not get any authorised service centres or genuine spares is a major negative point. No doubt it was a superior car in terms of capability, style, space and safet and was a value for money but now the circumstances doesn't support your decision. I would recommend to get rid of it asap

Answer by Bimal 11 November 2009

Hello Joshi,
When you hear some statements, please try to understand; its not abusing/offending/giving negative impression. Those are the facts. My friend had owned a Matiz of 2001 with 70000 KM done. Fitted with LPG, Good body condition. When he bought the same 8 months before the previous owner said he had done most important works for engine related including gear/transmission. This car ran for few months with out problems, he approached lot of mechanics for solution. This was in Kerala, everybody will say "We are not taking care of this car" or "Its not possible to get spares so.....". Finally he got rid of his car for 45000/-. This is the scenario known to me. In short, As long as it can give you a good return ( maintenance free, good milage/Ltr)its a good car. Since the production stopped, un availability of spares, the prices goes down. So its not hurting by words/opinions rather that its the fact

Answer by Abhilash 11 November 2009
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