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ODO as of now- 14200kms, completed in 6 months. Have been noticing couple of strange things off-late with my machine. I will be taking it for an early third free service this weekend. If any of you have faced similar issues or know what must be causing these, please share it with me so that I know what I am talking when I visit Concorde for the service. 1>Idles just below 900 RPM these days, without AC ON, used to idle at exactly 850 before. With AC On, it idles at exactly 900 RPM. I see a noticeable increase in engine noise at Idling too. 2>Get a very faint Kat Kat sound at idling, I can hear it only on close observation. I feel it is coming from the engine bay. What could be the reason? 3>Most important one. For the past 4-5 days, I feel a sudden loss of power for a couple of seconds above 100 kmph. The RPM too doesn't rise even after flooring the A pedal for those couple of seconds. After a couple of seconds the power suddenly comes back. What could be the reason, I am a bit worried about this?
By Prash 11 November 2009

the problem ur talking about could be of various things.
try taking it to ur tuner and ask him to do the tap head setting and also ask him to set the timing. aslo check all the level's of oil's in the car.

Answer by Chaitanya 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

A fine tuning of engine settings will solve the above problems.For the unusual sound, it needs to be inspectd personally to locate fault.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

dear prash,
i too have a palio sdx waiting for the 3rd free service. i too have noticed the sudden loss of power when i clipped suddenly. i tried to contact fiat fellows over e mail and they never seem to be botherd about these silly things|pl let me know your feedback from concorde.

Answer by Prabakar N 11 November 2009

I can only say that you should have gone through the net before buying a Palio or a Fait for that matter.
I own a Palio and I dont know what to do with it. It all starts with a small thing and then ............tan ta naaaa

Well it made me buy a new car. I hope it dosent do the same with you....

All the best..

Answer by Ravinder 11 November 2009 can increase the idle speed from boch center by attaching the computer supplied by company , your idle speed is bit slow , without a c it's 900 rpm . 2) that kat kat sound comes fom the fly wheel . The weight tied with wheel might be loosed or cluch unit, not from engine . 3) loss of power is due to missfire of engine or blokage in fuel supply etc

Answer by R S Sahota 11 November 2009
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