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i have booked maruti swift vdi in sep n was asked to get the delivery in oct.. prior to delivery date i made full payment through cheque taking clearing time into consideration and payment was credited into the dealer's account but insted of delivery, i was asked to wait till next mont which is nov and was told dat delivery is feasible by 15/11/09... the waiting period is still going on. i want to ask in such case m i liable to claim interest for the full payment made??? my second ques is in mean time i checked out ford ikon 1.4tdci n found the car very impressive.. would shifting to ford is a good option?? i got sum negative reviews abt ford like the resale value is very bad n the maintainance cost of ford is very high.. is it true?? is it worth waiting for swift vdi or shd i take the payment back n go for ford whose cost diff is not much?? pls advice m very confused and stuck..... vipul
By Vipul 11 November 2009

Ikon very bad idea. Dont even think of it. I m nt against FORD, but yaa Ikon forget it.
Coming to your first question, u dnt have anything documented abt the delivery schedule. You can either write directly to Maruti Udyog abt the irresponsible behavior of Agent, OR go to the dealer shop and create a huge noice, and threatening them for distracting their other customer.

Answer by Vaibhav 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Buying Swift vdi is a good option. Have bit patience .Recommended to go ahead with the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009


After completing payment formalities and if your vehicle is still being delayed, you have every right to claim for interest on the amount you have paid. The Swift diesel is not really a bad choice, but the waiting period in my opinion is a big NO NO!

The Ikon Diesel is a pure Value for Money proposition. The Ikon was expensive to maintain initially when it was launched and its only a market perception that it has got expensive maintenance and poor A.S.S. The new Ikon has more than 75% of its parts localised and the ownership costs have considerably come down. Also, include the extended warranty from Ford and you shall have peaceful ownership experience. I am not sure how it might be possible for you to change your booking from Maruti to Ford after you had made the complete payment. But, IMO it would be a better choice to opt for a sedan with more space and comfort rather than the Swift. The Ikon has good history of FE in the range of 18+ KMPL. Some googling should help you find real ownership experiences on the Ikon.

All the best!

Answer by Arun 11 November 2009

Dont go for FORD.....Maintenance is tooooooooooooo costly... it will kill your pocket :)

Answer by Sri 11 November 2009

I own a Maruti and Ford compareing to Both Ford is best, service billing is high in company. but both car can service in local workshop. RESALE - maruti resale value is good note you will hate the car after 5th year. ford resale value is low but you love your car daily as an new.
my suggestion is buy ford with 3 or 5 year service warranty and with minimum 30K cash discount. after service warranty go to local workshop it will never hurt your pocket.

Answer by Janagiram 11 November 2009

If you dont bother about high maintenance cost & worst re-sale value you can happily go for Ford.... you can enjoy the driving in Ford..... driving comfort & engine power of ford will rocks.....

Answer by Raja 11 November 2009

I completely beleive in power and driving feel. Ford ikon is a great machine but yes it is high on maintainence. The swift is a good buy and the drive feel too is great you can try and get some good alloys and tailights ull love the car more, as far as the delievry is concerned i would suggest tell your dealer to give you a 2010 registeration now. they make these small adjustments trust me.

Answer by Anurag 11 November 2009

I totally agree with the comments given by Mr.Arun. Ford is a very comfortable vehicle and the maintenance cost is not that high as some one believe.
I had a Ford Ikon and I sold it out. Now I have an AVEO with which I am not getting the satisfaction I had with FORD IKON.

Answer by Sundararajan 11 November 2009

See, its is very imp that you decide on what you want to drive.........PLEASURE or cost ford comes with waranty and the parts are also easily available....GO FOR A FORD... i sold my old petrol Ikon and tooka new desiel Ikon....its wonderful.....ya resale is bad....

Answer by Samraat 11 November 2009

I think if they are not giving the vehicle delivery at the time they have promised then u have right to claim the interest for the amount u paid.

Secondly dont even think of ford. actually i had ford ikon and recently sold it because for its high service expences and the quality of service is very poor. they even dont know how to rectify the problem. i had a car jerking problem. after going there they made to wait for whole one day by doing all r&d on my vehicle first they told to change my accelerator cable, then they cleaned my petrol tank, then finnaly they changed my ignition coil. they charged me a hefty bill of 6800/- still the jerking problem was not solved finally i returned all the spares and sold the vehicle. six months before i bought swift vdi and som far i have driven 6500kms i am getting 20.5 in highways and 17.5 in city with ac on. the service is very good and very minimal service charges. the quality of service is very good. i am very happy with the vehicle power performance and it is as spacious as ford except the boot. the resale for ford is very poor. i am not blaming the car. but the service is very poor, parts are expensive.

Answer by Suresh 11 November 2009

Pls dont end up in a mess....... Ford petrol Or diesel is very bad idea......... Cant tell the experince with ford for last 3years... Today i own an I10 & am very happy...... Pls wait for Swif..

Answer by Sid 11 November 2009

Ford is very good to drive and comfortable vehicle. But yes maintenance and fuel effeciency are poor. Also resale value is real bad. Go for latest Maruti swift or i10.

Answer by Paramjit 11 November 2009
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