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What is the mileage of Maruti Swift. Is it true that it returns very less mileage? Regards, Prashant
By Prashant 11 November 2009

I think 1.3 Ltr engine should not be expected more than 14km/l(on Highways) and 12km/l (in city)


Answer by Vaibhav 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

With Swift petrol you can expect mileage of 14 to 19 KMPL.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

The Petrol swift will give you an average of about 12kmpl in the City and around 14kmpl on the Highways with the AC on.
The Diesel on the other hand will give you 18kmpl+ in the City and Over 21kmpl on the Highway.
(Both are the mileages that I have received during the time I had the Car)

Answer by Quraish 11 November 2009

lets be realistic.........swift gives a mileage of 10 to 10.5 km in citi with AC on and about 17 km /ltr on the highway at 70 km/per hour, i have taken this time and again on tank full and found this. I am speaking of the petrol model as i own one. Diesel surely will give much better mileage.

Answer by Kshitish 11 November 2009

for swift vdi, i am getting around 14km/ltr in city and 18km/ltr in high way with ac.

Answer by John 11 November 2009

Petrol I am not so sure. Diesel City drive it would be around 17 Km/L Highway around 22 Km/L. Rest depends upon individual driving skills.

Answer by Vineet Ahuja 11 November 2009

I totally agree with Vaibhav on this... Max 12 in City and 14 on Highway.. 17 Kmpl on a 1.3lt engine... you must be joking Mr. Shankar

Answer by Ronny Gracias 11 November 2009

look with vdi u can get more then what expect like in recent visit to lucknow i got around 20 on high way so one thing is saure u will get value for money in vdi as far as petrol in concerned u can get bit less but the performance is high.

Answer by Vivek28singh 11 November 2009

14 km/lh city 18 km/hr on highway

Answer by Peshwa 11 November 2009

10 km/lt in city drive and about 16 km/lt. on highway

Answer by SATISH GUPTA 11 November 2009

Hi, Dude I own a Swift Zxi for the past 1yr...
See mileage is dependent on a lot of things and majorly is ur driving style..
ur accelearation, gear ratio (when u change the gear), braking pattern etc..apart from a lot of other external parameters...
But with all the best driving in the city I have constantly been able to achieve a mileage of 14 KMPL in the city conditions with Ac on all the time.
And on highways I have been able to achieve 18 KMPL..
So thats the figures I vil quote for Petrol...
No idea about diesel..

Answer by Vipin Agrawal 11 November 2009

with swift petrol-about 12km/litre in city & 16 on highways with ac on.

Answer by Chandrakant Gaonker 11 November 2009

Swift petrol will give 10 in the city and 12 to 13 in the highways. If its Swift Diesel with Fiats Multijet engine it will deliver city-18 kms and highways- 20-21 kmpl.

Answer by George 11 November 2009

I Have a Swift VXI. Milage Depends Completely On How You Drive It. I Am Getting Around 8-10 In Bangalore City Traffic With A/C ON All Time. An Average Milage Most Cars Give In same Segment Or Higher. In Highway I Am Getting Around 14 With A/C ON, With My Avg Speed More Than 100 KM/H. But When I Drive At 60-70s i am getting 16-17 KMs/L. So I Think You Understand How Actually The Millage Works On A Swift... But I Suggest You Not To Buy A Swift If You Are Planning To Buy One... Lot's Of Problem With Brakes, Clutch, Body Sound, Poor Quality Plastic....!!! If You Really Want A Quality Car, i suggest you to buy FIAT Punto Or Wait For Volkswagen

Answer by Yogesh 11 November 2009

Swift is a good car and mileage depends on the driving condition and terrain.Yogesh's complaint might have been one in one lakh.Almost all Swift owners are happy with he car.Other options are i20 (CRDi),Punto and may be in the future VW.

Answer by Panicker 11 November 2009

Swift is a better car than most competitors, I am telling you this because i have taken test drives of Vista,I10 & Punto before going in for Swift. I am getting a mileage of 13 in city & 17 on highways. I own a VXI Model (Petrol).

Answer by M T Reddy 11 November 2009


I am having swift petrol zxi version(Bangalore).In city with ac it gives 9 to 10 kms per liter and on highway nearly 14 kms per liter at a speed of 120kms average.

Answer by Ramesh Magalanadu 11 November 2009

My swift vdi 2013 iam getting 13.5 kms per ltr to increas milage

Answer by Suyog 01 January 2016

i have a swift vdi its gave 10 in city 14 in highways per liter. bed milage bed pick up .useless car

Answer by Rajesh 08 August 2016

After reading all these views. my mind set has changed from swift vdi to beat

Answer by Purna 12 December 2016

I have Swift VXI 2015 model, i'm getting 13 in chennai city and 17 in highways.

Answer by Deva 12 December 2016

I have swift ldi july 2016, and drove it around 9k. I received an average of 16-18 (16 on ac) in city and 20-22 on yamuna express way at a normal drive below 90 kmph. It's best.

Answer by Prashant 01 January 2017

If you drive your swift vid 90 km/ hr. you will get 20km/lt avrage in highway with ac and 22 km/ lt Non Ac.
In city 60-70km/hr
You will get 17 km/lt in city with ac & 19 non ac

Answer by Manish Sgarma 01 January 2017

Im using a swift vxi as well. And i have used it only in city road and I'm getting 16.5KM/L. Don't know about highways, May be 17.5 to 18 KM/L.

Answer by ATHUL.S.ANAND 01 January 2017

And i never turns off the AC.

Answer by ATHUL.S.ANAND 01 January 2017

@Poorna Don't
insult Swift by comparing it with Beat.

Answer by ATHUL.S.ANAND 01 January 2017

Hi friends I book swift vxi .I dont know about the avg of the running will be less ,hardaly daily 50 km if possible.and I m from sangli so here no more traffic .

Answer by Maruti Khatal 01 January 2017

Told mi plz ,I m taking right decesion?

Answer by Maruti Khatal 01 January 2017

Hello friend i have 2017 swift petrol. I have driven 2300 km in 11 day

City 17-18
Highway - 20-21

Its without ac

Till day its have given the average of 19.5

Answer by Tarun Upadhyay 02 February 2017

Hello Friends i have swift VXI 2014, driven 30000km....all time average 14-17 in City max 15 above and on highway 19.5 ....all the time AC on....It all depends how you drive....

Answer by Rakesh 02 February 2017

I am getting avg of 17.4 for petrol...the metere shows that avg..I dnt knw is that accurate or not !

Answer by Aby 02 February 2017

Iam from delhi and i tell u truth about my petrol swift, i got 24.3 avg on highway without ac 60km/h and in city without ac iam getting 19 avg

Answer by Anand 03 March 2017

I think Maruti only sales because of cheap spare parts and less service cost

Answer by CGS 03 March 2017

I purchase swift car 20 march and i get 27 p/l in diesel i really surprise

Answer by Akhilesh 03 March 2017

Correct mileage of swift petrol in city 10-12 and 14-15 on highway.

Please donot get confused.

Answer by Aman 04 April 2017

In short trips less than 10 km daily every cars diesel or petrol will give around 10 km per ltr above that diesel give around 20km and petrol 15km and your driving style

Answer by Varghese 04 April 2017

11 - 13 kmpl in city driving with AC on and around 15 - 17 kmpl on highway Swift dzire zxI

Answer by Abhishek 06 June 2017

I have Swift Dzire 2012 Automatic
my car gives me 9 kmpl without AC in city
and 15 kmpl without AC on Highway its normal or any issue with my car

Please help and give suggestions


Answer by Deepak Mistry 06 June 2017

I have swift dzire lxi and after driving it for nearly 2000 km i am getting 19.8milage.Havent tried it in heavy traffic yet. I drove mostly betwn 60/80 km/hr.

Answer by Shashikant 06 June 2017

I have purchased a new swift and currently the mileage I am getting is between 15-16 KM/Ltr within thge city that too with the AC switch on. The mileage completely depends on the way you are driving. More you hold the clutch pedal and with sudden acceleration and breaking , the more will be the fuel consumption.

Answer by Dwaipayan Chakraborty 08 August 2017

I am not much familiar with driving and just brought New dzire 2017 ZXI Since I am new to driving I drive in lower gears and low speed, under 60 km hr. With the new hand on vehicle and low gears ride, esp half clutch ride in Hyderabad traffic, I am able to get 12.4 km lt after running it to 300 KM with AC on.. In this I mostly practice on incline in 1st and 2nd gear for hours.

So I expect for perfect drivers and old vehicle Should give around 15 in city with AC on

Answer by Rahul Katiyar 09 September 2017


Answer by Shyju 11 November 2017


Answer by Shyju 11 November 2017

Swift 1.3lt diesel gives 22kmpl and petrol version i.e 1.2 lt gives 18kmpl

Answer by Saiswaroop 11 November 2017

my swift petrol is giving an average of 15 its all about how you drive

Answer by Udaygaur 12 December 2017

I m using swift lxi from last 6 month i getting 11 km / ltr in city without ac and 20 at highway

Answer by Parvesh 12 December 2017

I get 25 Kmpl with Swift petrol.

Answer by Mahesh 01 January 2018

I got mileage of 25.9 on highway for diesel without ac and speed 60-80 with tachymeter below 2000 rpm. It all depends on how you drive and traffic condition

Answer by Harshal 02 February 2018

I own a Oct 2014 Swift VDI in which I have done 31000 Km so far. The car is really excellent to handle in both city and highways. I get around 21km/l on highways.

Answer by Shyambenu Basu 04 April 2018

does anyone has cabin filter for dzire vxi2008 model, I found that it was not there, and also tell me the exact milage of petrol varient of 2008 Dzire

Answer by Frank 05 May 2018

18 kmpl in highway with AC on in petrol variant

Answer by TALE 05 May 2018

i buy new swift vxi on highway get 18 km average june 2018 not drive in city first time on highway

Answer by Gaurav Dadhaniya 06 June 2018


Answer by VIMAL 06 June 2018

Petrol avg in city 12.5 klm highway 14.5 with Ac on

Answer by Yasir 07 July 2018

14 in city and 18 in highways for diesel variants.

Answer by Arghya Mandal 08 August 2018

I mostly get abt 12km/l in city.
But in terrible traffic congestion, I only get 9.4km/l bcoz The car is going only with gear 1 and 2.

Answer by Htet Paing Aung 10 October 2018

When u search abt fuel consumption of Swift, u can only see impossible km/l. They are not actual mileage results.

Answer by Htet Paing Aung 10 October 2018

17-18 kmpl on highways with AC and 15.5- 16 kmpl on city traffic with AC in petrol variant

Answer by Naba Deep 05 May 2022

I own a 2017 Swift and I can assure that in normal city driving conditions not more that 12/13 per ltr petrol with the AC running and about 15/16 on the highway/

Answer by Roby 06 June 2022

from 2017 to 2022 Jan it was giving me 16 in city and 21 in long rides post Jan 2022 it dropped to 12 in city and 17 in long its serviced only in msm Guindy they did least bother

Answer by Rajaprasanna Venkateswaran 08 August 2022
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