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How do we use power steering in a car?
By RAJIVA 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Power stering has hydraulic steering gears which helps to boost the effort applied on steering and hence steering will be easier and smoother.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

You do not need to do anything special to "use" the power steering. If your car has power steering, you will find it is easy to turn the steering wheel. The power steering mechanism, whether hydraulic or electric, takes the inputs from your steering movements, to "power" the turning of the front wheels. You will feel the road less in cars with power steering. Some developed models of cars reduce the amount of assistance from power steering with higher speeds, to provide feedback from the road that gives the driver reassurance and a sense of control.

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009

what does ur question mean?
are u asking how power stearing works?

u gotta do nothing for it to work.... all u got to do is buy a car which has power stearing.

Answer by Chaitanya 11 November 2009

u can use it when you r driving the car

Answer by Ankit 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

All the above Experts have missed out one point.

You have to first have a feel of a Power Steering vehicle, as
it is risky to drive fast initally and know what is happening.My relative took his new Xylo Mahindra and crashed it on the Highway recently.
This may be due to not understanding the FEEL of it and it may react sharper to your normal driving.
I felt it when I drove my sons VOLVO XC90 at Sanfrnsico, it was cutting sharply and I nearly missed another car Fender.
Hence please acclimatise first thoroughtly and then take the steering with proper care, as Power Steering assists you and in this process you may too much assisted and leading to crash.
Dr P C Rao, COnsultant, PUNE.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 11 November 2009

When driving a power steering vehicle, you should not switch off the ignition for any circumstance. Ignition should off, only when you stop the car completely.

Answer by Ramakrishnan 11 November 2009

Hello, I just remembering one incident.Some year back KSRTC (Kerala)introduced power steering buses.One of the bus met with an accident while passing a bridge (i think it happened in MC road)due to the lack of experiance in power steering/ driver was new to power steering.

Answer by Panicker 11 November 2009

If the car has electronic power steering (EPS) the driving
effort will be reduced, if you go fast the load of getting
front tyres will be reduced by EPS. Rainy season skidding
can be reduced.

Answer by Jins 01 January 2010
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