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I have a Maruti Baleno, which needs the bumpers replaced both front and rear. Most Maruti dealerships have run out of stock or are asking for atrocious price of about 20,000 for the pair. Do you know where else can I find it at a more down to earth price ?
By Sandeep 11 November 2009

I guess, someone should start a shop for just balenos and not charge a leg-n-limb for spare parts. These same parts (much more complicated for SWIFT) cost only around 2-3k.

Or we should form a group of people and order for import directly which I expect will be relatively cheaper than going thru MASS.

All "demand vs supply" games!!

Answer by Cm Sundar 12 December 2014

Just let me know the place where you stay, if you are from mumbai, I know an whole seller who supplies maruti bumpers, there might be a chance that he can help you, just let me know where r u from??

Answer by GAUTAM 11 November 2009

Hi, If your in chennai i can help you getting the bumper in velacherry , it would cost you maximum of 20K for both bumper painter if you want it second hand you can get it for 12 to 15K max with body color paint.

you can reach me in 9940074724

Answer by Karthik 11 November 2009

hi i got my front bumper changed recently,using my costed me around 5000 both will cost around 10,000 Rs.otherwise it'll definitely be 20,000.

Answer by Tilak 11 November 2009

Hi, in delhi there is a place called Vikas Puri, there u find several whole salers who sell, new & repaired bumpers at really very cheap cost.

Answer by Rajesh 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Dealers can not be wrong with quoting of price as they have to supply genuine parts at correct price.You can try with Maruti autorised service centers body repairs section where you can get old bumpers with fairly good condition.Can be possible to get one with negotiation with the executive overthere.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

if in Delhi, please go via c.p. barakhamba road towards old delhi, as soon as u get down from the flyover, there is Gandhi mkt on the left, near it is the old car repair mkt, ask anybody there who repairs bumpers and provides second hand bumpers, there is this mechanic there who does an amazing job, and it should be done within a very reasonable amount, if your bumpers can be repaired he wil make it as gud as new with paint and all, if it cant be he will get u a second hand original bumper repaired and painted

Answer by Hemant 11 November 2009

Hi Gautam,

I am in Mumbai I need help in replacing Baleno bumper MAruti quoted 13000 for front bumper.

Do you have directions for some exconomical solution for it.

Answer by Abhijeet 03 March 2011

Hi Gautam,

Need your help,I am in mumbai , could you please help me out with the whole seller name and contact number who supplies maruti bumper. I have got a damaged baleno bumper.

Answer by Anirban 04 April 2011

Hi I am from Chennai and i need support on getting seconds Frt Bumper for my Maruti Baleno. Can anybody advise where i can get good conditioned Bumper in Chennai.

Answer by Ashwin 10 October 2012

I need both bumpers for baleno. I am in Hyderabad. Please help.

Answer by Kishore 11 November 2014

Hi I am in Hyderabad and need both the bumpers for my Baleno. Please help where I can get them for a cheaper rate.

Answer by Bhramar 12 December 2014

Hi all i am from Ahmedabad gujarat { Modi land } I have a Maruti Baleno LXI , which needs the bumpers replaced both front and rear. Most Maruti dealerships have run out of stock ..... Please Help me out guys ...


Answer by Sumit 05 May 2014

need to replace front bumper of baleno location : Chennai ... any suggestions

Answer by Rajesh 05 May 2014

I need to replace front&rear bumper of baleno location akola maharashtra dealer asking rs 25000 for pair. to much.

Answer by Narendra 09 September 2014

I own a Baleno and really had hard times getting spare i too need front bumper in Lucknow UP India

@@ Cm Sundar -- Nice idea my dear friend

Answer by Syed Raza 02 February 2015

I need a front bumper of baleno and was asked 16 k ...anyone who can give reliable contact would help....


Answer by Pavan Kumar Reddy G 07 July 2015

Check the site ->

Answer by Kumaravel Chennai 09 September 2015

Maruti baleno. ..beautiful car....but it should be kept in car porch only. ...if u drive it on the road definitely some two wheeler or auto will scratch and it will not with stand

Answer by Joshy Wills J E 07 July 2016

Baleno 2006 model front bumper how much will be the cost in Karnataka Bangalore

Answer by Chandan 11 November 2016

Hey I m from Bhopal I need a front bumper for my Baleno car 2018 model , can any one can tell me where I ll get it . And how much it will cost .

Answer by Azhar Uddin 04 April 2018

I got my both bumper changed which costed me 22k in insurance from Nexa itself and they took almost 20days to return my car back as there was no stock available .

Answer by Pranav 09 September 2019

I recently changed my baleno RS front bumper
It costed me just 1500 with the insurance

Answer by Vijay 12 December 2019

hi need to replace my front bumper for my Baleno zeta , any reference in bangalore

Answer by Bharath 05 May 2022
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