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wanted to ask wich is a better car.swift disel or logan
By Jai 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

The choice is between hatchback and sedan. Swift does make a good option in hatchback and Logon has better utility and advantage os sedan.However to select one, Swift will be be better choice.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

It depends on the person who want to buy a car. If you want space definitely you can go for logan or you can adjust with small car you can go for swift.

Answer by BABULU 11 November 2009

Better to buy logan

Answer by Rajesh 11 November 2009

Each of the cars have distinct advantages. The Swift is a hatchback and if you are wanting to invest in a hatchback, the Swift Diesel is a good car. However, if you are interested in a 3-bax sedan, which is economical in temrs of fuel and maintenance, then, the Logan is a good choice. It may also be noted that the car is a very comfortable car in terms of inside space for seating,more so in the rear.

Answer by Pradeepjauhar 11 November 2009

Features, comfort and look Logan is def better. But mileage wise Swift.


Answer by Satish Iyer 11 November 2009

logan is a smooth car. but its slowly getting a label of being a taxi and i hate that.
swift is a much more fun car to drive. service is also very simple it being a MARUTHI. i would any day go with the swift.
dont buy a taxi for urself buddy.

Answer by Chaitanya 11 November 2009
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