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Hi, I am planning to buy a car. My budget is b/w Rs. 2.75 to Rs 3.25 lacs. I am a bit confused b/w Alto, Wgn-R and Santro X-ing. I know that Maruti is going to launch K-series engine in Alto & Wgn-R in Apr 2010, but can't wait so long. I am thinking from all perspectives A/c, Mileage, Space, Maintenance, Looks, and Resale etc. Also, what is the right time to buy a vehicle, so that maximum discounts can be availed? My frnd told to me that the best time would be b/w Dec 15 to Jan 15. Can I purchase a vehicle in Dec and tk the delivery in Jan 2010?
By Sunny 11 November 2009

look if u want to move from a to b place and just want a car then alto will be the best one along with the milage it has.and if u want space as well then go forthe wagon r it has best in class space and milage is so so with 13 to 15 with ac. and maintance is cheap as well. and with santro maintance is costely but resale is good.

Answer by Vivek 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes its right time to buy Maruti Cr preferbly Alto. As your friend told there is already offers going on for New cars and there would be better discount offers during year end.. Many people prefer to buy in jan than in late december for the factor of newness of car for long. If if car is registered in december 2009, from January its called last year bought vehicle.If bought in January it will be called bought this year.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

Considering the criteria. I will suggest you SPARK from Chevy. The best discounts, best maintenance packages, pretty fine service and importantly very cheap as compared to the stuff they give along.
I am driving SPARK from quiet sometime and its absolutely amazing. Maruti is proven for years for sure. I still love maruti's but SPARK is equally good, thats the experience.

Answer by Umesh 11 November 2009

If your usage is less and you just want to have a car, go for Alto. But, if you want a decent car with space, fuel efficiency, low maintenance & reasonable resale value with good driving experience inter as well intra city, should opt for WagonR. Santro is a good car but not that fuel efficient and bit higher as regards maintenance.

Market is set, discounts are soaring - grab it but early next year keeping in mind 'future' - resale. It would save a 'year' mark.

Answer by Anindya Banerjee 11 November 2009

Wagon R will be the best. Wagon r will meet all your choices.But the car has rusting issue.I am facing severe rusting problem after 6 yrs.
As the model is older lots of discount is availaible sooner is better

Answer by TAPAN SAHU 11 November 2009

yes you are right this is the right time to buy a bike.
bike will be better option for you bcos even a bike with least milage will have more milage than alto or whatever.
so i would suggest you to buy a Scorpio bcos it is spacious , hunk look and more over powerful

Answer by Pushparajan 11 November 2009
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