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Is there any possibility to Opel to return to INDIA?? Comment please...
By Sagar 11 November 2009

GM should bring back the Opel Cars to INDIA Again.......

Answer by Satish 12 December 2012
Expert`s comment:

Thereis very slim chances of Opel returning to India.General Motors will continue with Chevrolet Brand .

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

There is every chance, GM will bring back their OPEL brand in India at least in the niche segment in near future.

Answer by Shaji 12 December 2010

GM should bring back the Opel brand

Answer by Pillai 03 March 2012

If Opel needs more business they have to enter the Indian market. But they failed the last time as they did not understand the market place. if they do come to India again, they need to understand what VW did to get the market slice. If they price it less then VW, they and offer as strong after sales service they are sure to become a hit.

Answer by Ravishankar 03 March 2012

GM should bring back the top class brand opel to indian market

Answer by Pradeep 04 April 2012

I think Opel cars are best in all so I hope this will take a high jump in Indian market if Opel is back in India.

Answer by Bijender Dahiya 06 June 2012

Opel cars are one of best that German engineering can offer. GM should reconsider it seriously. Last time it was a high end tech for a market not prepared to handle.

Answer by Dr Dattaraj 10 October 2012

Opel cars are the best the all new opel cars comming in othere countries are very awesom everone hve a look at international opel cars they are supery sex look there interriors they can easily beat all they indian cars even the bmw n audi have a look on international opel cars they are super spacious beggi interriours as well as exterriors boys in india prefer sports cars a car which gives a sporty feel n these opel cars match the personality of young generation GM must bring this OPEL brand back.n I will be thank full to GM if they again launch this brand in indian I am sure they will launch it n If GM launches opel back in india then they will beat all the cars comming in india n how much I studied about opel cars I can easily say that opel will make GM the top company people must have a loke at opel cars the opel 1.6 which is in india know the opel astra 1.6 is too much strong the meatel is very heavy n saftey wise its the best the metal used in oepl is the same used in volkswagon jetta which is a sedain a luxury sedain se now u can see ...!! U can't compare opel with skoda laura or octavia because these cars metals are not much good than opel metal opel should come back in india GM I requiest u plz think of it .....!!!!! If u wana earn a big money u must relaunch the opel brand in india....! Thank u hope GM will think of it n bring opel back to india...........!!!!!!!

Answer by CHRIS 11 November 2012

One of the best car -opel. Gm bring back opel to India.many eyes are waiting to see the opel

Answer by Unirev 05 May 2013

Even I have seen a New opel Corsa today(13-12-2013) in Whitefeld main road I hope it is test drive by GM motor co on indian road. but no idea whr thy will lauch the can in india!

Answer by Maran 12 December 2013

It is a hatchback look r very good and nice design.i dont hv the camara tht time sounabe to take the photo. if GM lauch opel again sure I will buy it on first day itself.

Answer by Maran 12 December 2013

I request to GM Bring back the Opel to india as soon as posible plase, very nice cars, we are used the opel cars was very ausome.

Answer by Govardhan SV 08 August 2014

GM Should bring back OPEL separately

Answer by Prithvi Simha 02 February 2015

I own a Corsa Cora Sail 1.6 since 2003, waiting desperately for Opel to re-launch in India. The power, smoothness and drive of Opel is flawless. Even I struggle in maintaining this German machine, I don't have any plans to sale it. Opel cant ignore India for long that's sure.

Answer by Pranav 03 March 2015

opel corsa i like very much its good car i dont have any plan to sale even no spair available in market opel want to back in india

Answer by D.krishna Mali 11 November 2015

My father has an Opel corsa 1.4gls and it is very smoth that what to say.So Opel company should come back to Indian market launch the cars which th have launched in other countries

Answer by Anish 07 July 2016

We Indians shall not miss the outstanding cars from Opel.
Insignia : what a caar..

Answer by Baig 03 March 2017

opel cars are one of the best cars GM should relaunch it in India.

Answer by Syed 03 March 2017

Opel Please Please come back to India...We are waiting.
I own Opel Corsa 1.6 Royale, waat a car, I am planning to buy a new car but i will not sale my opel.

Answer by Praveen 03 March 2017

I love my Opel Corsa.Its a very good driving and is in good condition even though it is a model of 2002.I hope Opel will come back to India.

Answer by Jobi 07 July 2017

Time has been changed now... Opel must think about to come back and hit the mid range segment ...
Hope to see the brand again on Indian roads..

Answer by SUSHIL KUMAR 05 May 2018

Hi Everyone,
I have Opel Corsa with me now.
Any suggestions for me to maintain it.


Answer by Joe Pinto Nelson 06 June 2022
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