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hi, i am interested in fiat palio stile 1.1, i heard that this car is robust and good in ride quality and suspension. but i am anxious from what my friend told me that fiat fire engine is a failure and mileage is very low, but fiat is claiming 16 kmpl in their website. what should i believe
By Rajasekhar 11 November 2009


Stile is Robust and unbeaten machine surely.
Like your friend told it gives around 13 overall only
evenif it has the same multijet engine which is now
running hot in swift, vista, punto and Linea. But due
to the earlier version and some lack of tech its mileage
is little low compared to the latest Multijet.
You can boldly go with USED STILE.

Answer by Jey 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

The average fuel efficiency of Stile is around 13KMPL. It can go upto 16 in highway without AC.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

mileage depends upon how you drive.
I have personally achieved 18.5 KMPL on highway with 80-90 speed on Stile 1.1.
As far engine is concerned it should work for 1.75- 2.0 lakh kms without hick-up. Go for it it's a good car especially if you are not interested in high pick-up and top speed.

Answer by Sagar Ade 11 November 2009

Solid, well built car that is a pleasure to drive. Don't worry too much about the mileage. If you maintain it well and drive it well, you should get decent mileage in the range the others have indicated. The Fiat engine is what is being used in a number of Indian cars today, so they know what they are doing. Enjoy your Palio!

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009

I have a Palio Stile 1.1 which gives a mileage of 15 kms in city and more than 17 kms for long trips.I use 205/13 tyres.And I have excellent performance from this vehicle.

Answer by AEJBenedict 11 November 2009

I own a palio 1.2, and it returns me 10kmpl within city in A/C.. on a recent highway run, it has returned me 14kmpl, maintaining average speed of 120kmph. This only goes to prove tht ur friend doesnt have actual ownership experience of a palio!! 1.1 engine is even better when it comes to mileage and i am sure you ll be happy with it. Go for it man

Answer by Phani Krishna 11 November 2009

Yes. Fiat Palio is robust and good in ride quality and suspension. I is a very strong car which requires ver very low maintenance. Actually the engine is not low on mileage, it is because of the heavy body shell. It is slightly heavy on fuel as compared to its lighter japanese cousins. Though personally having used Palio I would suggest that it its a good bargain to opt for marginally low fuel efficiency to get a big car feeling that the Palio gives.

Answer by Darshit 11 November 2009

Hi Rajshekhar,
I am the owner of fiat palio nv sport 1.2 for last 5 years. there is absoulutely no probelm with fiat engine. It delivers me 11kpl in city & 15/16 kpl in highway. I heard 1.1 delivers better fuel efficency than my model. seafety is the prime over fuel efficency. We can compromise little on fuel efficency than our life. You can go ahead with palio stile.

Answer by Avinash 11 November 2009

palio is a great car after buying u can surely be satisfied with it the car is such a luxury feeling in small budget and if u talked about body its having a great body style but but till that i cant understand the failure cause behind it in india??

Answer by RAHUL 11 November 2009

One of greatest castle on road, you are safe and feel very comfortable in this Car, I had a Fiat Palio 1.2 ELX.
The car is good on every aspect but for Maintainence and Fuel Efficiency, be very very cautious/// people will say what not that they get milage of 13-18-25 and what not.. pls do not beleive:-0 I have never got molage of more than 12 on my car and on AC do not expect anything;-( ,,, I will never say that the car is BAD coz the ride comfort satability etc are unmached but the only thing there is THIS CAR IS NOT MEANT FOR MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE who need to think of fuel efficiency, if you have two other cars and this car would be used for fun rides then its the best hach back sports car.. Engine is superb and Body shell is like a castle. So single car owners pls excuse this one.....

Answer by Shekhar Thakur 11 November 2009

What most people have told you in reply is absolutely correct,I Owen a 2003 Palio 1.2 Elx (top Model) & get a millage of 11.5/12 kmph in Kolkata which is congested, & movement slow. But the car is rock solid & very comfortably.Whoever told you about bad engine etc. must be a Korean junk lover & has no idea or information about automobile engineering. I am saying this as I am an automobile engineer. Go for Fiat & you will love & enjoy it.

Answer by S K Ghose 11 November 2009
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