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Hi Experts, Even if Hyundai ACCENT CRDi and GETZ GVS CRDi has the same engine, 1.HOW THE COMPANY INCREASE THE POWER and TORQUE in GETZ.? 2. How can the company put the same engine the two different car( naming ). Doesn't any NAMING COPY RIGHT or Consumer norms in Indian motor law? 3. Whhich is very low maintanence when we go in second hand 1.ACCENT 2.INDIGO 3.IKON. Please answer all my doubts. Jey.
By JEY 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

Thuough both have same capacity engine. The power output is increased by decreasing the overall weight of vehicle and payload .Also vehicle dynamics also helps for bette r performance of the car.
Indian Motor Law does restric the usage of names which are already registered by other motor company.There is no restriction on using same engine for different models.

Among the options mentioned considering maintenance as important parameter, Accent would be a better selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

Mr.Shiva Shankar statement is correct. Recently, the Verna & Getz are fitted with 1.5 CRDI engines and the performances are matching perfectly.

Answer by Ramakrishnan 11 November 2009

The power output of the engine cannot be increased or decreased by changing the weight of the vehicle or its payload. Engine power output remains constant if the engine itself is not modified or tuned differently. Your power to weight ratio however will obviously be better when used in a lighter vehicle. You will have to carry out extensive modifications to get more power or torque out of a Getz engine. This is more along the lines of what people do to get their cars ready for rallies and races.

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009

Shiva Shankar just missed out a point.. Though the Accent CRDi and Getz CRDi both have 1.5 L capacity engines, Accent CRDi is an extremely unrefined 3- cylinder engine.. Where Getz CRDi has the great refined and stable 4-cylinder 1.5 L engine from Hyundai which also powers the Hyundai Verna CRDi(Non-Fluidic)... Hyundai Accent CRDi engine generates a power output of ~78 bhp where both Verna and Getz CRDi engines generate 110 bhp of power.. Also Getz CRDi or Verna CRDi is always a better choice(both in terms of comfort and maintainence) than highly unrefined and unstable and comparatively low-life motor in Accent CRDi.. Most Accent CRDi engines spills oil(decompression) even before the 1,00,000 Kms mark.. Engine overhauling must be done around 1,00,000 Kms if not very carefully maintained.. again the engine is extremely sensitive towards adulteration of diesel.. Hyundai guys will admit this..
Source: I owned an Accent CRDi, and now owns a Getz CRDi..

Answer by Jai 05 May 2013

Engine oil capacoty of accent CRDI

Answer by Vinil Joseph 08 August 2016
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