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I have Alto lx 2004. Now I want a little bigger Car, I am very confused which should I buy { VERNA, FORD FIESTA or SWIFT) Can some one help me? I also want to know which is better DIESEL or PETROL in maintenance. Pls give your valuable suggestions?
By Feroz 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

For upgrading purpose, Verna is a good choice. The selection between petrol and diesel mainly depends upon budget range and usage. For own purpose usaga in city, occasional long drives etc petrol will be optimum selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009

for going for a big car it thing swift petrol is the best option and for maitiance as well is cheap

Answer by Valmiki Dacosta 11 November 2009

go for swift man.

Answer by Car Docter 11 November 2009

I dont think Swift is a big car.....VERNA & FORD FIESTA are in different segment. You can go for Swift dezire if u like the looks...

or else if u going for hatch back..then y not consider i20?

Answer by Chandy 11 November 2009

Hi, Verna CRDi will be the good choise because of its power , mileage efficiency,modern look,less maintanence and high resale value.Swift TDi also good but I think for an up grade Verna will be the nice choise.

Answer by Panicker 11 November 2009

You do have a fair amount of choice, my friend. When you are upgrading, please take a drive in all these cars you want to consider. Whatever feels nice and comfortable to you while driving will help you decide, rather than other people's opinions. If you are not going to be driving 50 or more kilometres a day, it doesn't make economic sense to spend extra money on the diesel engined cars. However, if you are running the air conditioning a lot, the extra torque of the diesel engine will come to good use. Despite all the innovations, diesels do cost more to maintain, and petrol engines are definitely smoother and quieter, even now, in 2009. You might want to consider the smoothness of LPG too, if you are going for a petrol cycle car.

Answer by B S Kumar 11 November 2009

hi.....the cars you mentioned are of different classes.petrol is always cheaper than diesl to maintain.if you want a sedan go for the honda city as verna is in your option and city is a Rs80000 more.if you want a car arond 5 lacs go for swift is spacious as it is a sedan.go for the petrol one it is cheap to maintain

Answer by Ankit 11 November 2009

take look on i20 or honda jazz and take an test ride you will
forget all your option

Answer by Sunil 11 November 2009

Hi I am a DEFENCE OFFICER,using ford fiesta 1.6 sxi petrol since jan 06,fantastic car,i m keen to sell its sparingly used and done only 40000km,comprhensive insurance,like new condition, if u r in delhi u may contact me at pjpswaraich at gmail dot com

Answer by Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich 11 November 2009

comeon man i have swift and am getting more then 20 on highway what else if u have the money to go for the vdi then plz buy it other wise people in india are not that much mad that they are after a car which is in this market keeping the waiting of two to three months.go for the swift vdi or if u want more space then verna is good option but then again the milage will be the factor.

Answer by Vivek 11 November 2009

I think fiesta is the best option from the choices you have provided. company has als intoduced the limited version fiesta (but only in petrol) which is worth the money you pay for your car. good mileage, best in the class interior space, cool looks. My vote goes for Fiesta (Diesel pref.)

Also, why nopt consider Fiat Linea? currently it is the best budget sedan available in the market with si many features and looks to die for.And with tata's after sales service support you will not have any issues. Heard the news that Fiat is coming up with new version if linea with 109 engine..!

Answer by Groove 11 November 2009

Test Drive the New Tata Manza and i bet you will book one withing 15 days of your test drive. If you drive less than 2000 KMS / Month then go for Petrol without second thought.

FORD is very high on maintinance. Some people may say few things against TATA quality; i myself was one of them, but with MANZA TATAs have evolved to next generation.

Answer by Anugrah A 11 November 2009
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