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What should be the right price of Dec 2005 Maruti Esteem VXI model in excellent condition. It is driven 12 K. The price quoted is 2.5 Lakhs?
By Prashant 11 November 2009
Expert`s comment:

The offer seems to be a very good deal.Recommended to go ahead with the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2009


In second-hand cars, if the condition is excellent, I feel you shouldn't worry about paying a 10% extra also... Given that esteem is out of production and with the limited details that you have provided, price should be around 2.2 but then as I mentioned... its better to pay a few thousands extra rather that buying a car that will suck in that kind of money in maintenance together with every day hassles... so, in short, if you can negotiate, great, else, still buy it...


Answer by Pankaj Sarin 11 November 2009

cost of the car should be between 2.3 to 2.35 lakhs

Answer by Nitin 11 November 2009

It seeems that the four years old car is offered at 50 % of the original cost. If it is excellent, why not to buy. Esteem is always found to be a good car.

Answer by Subramanian 11 November 2009

this is a good deal for a car like esteem.. bt i suggest u should negotiate with the price.... the price shold b 2.2 lacs frm my knowlegde only is the car is in excellent condition....

Answer by Sukhwinder Singh 11 November 2009

Sorry, But price seem to be tooo high, bcoz value of maruti esteem 2005 is just Rs 175000/-max.
Thankx .
(for ur kind records i m owner n i m car expert.)
Presently holding 1) Esteem Cng,2) Maruti Gypsy 3) Imported Toyota van & 1965 Imported Classic Fiat 1500.

Answer by Saeed Sayani 11 November 2009

Hi Saeed,
Please provide your contact details.


Answer by Prashant 11 November 2009

Nothing much to be thought of. Take hard cash of 2.30 and tell him straight take this money and give me the keys.
I dnt think he would be left to answer much on that

Answer by Saeed 11 November 2009

Driven only 12000 in 5 years does'nt sound very credible. Please take an expert to test drive the car and find out the real status.An Esteem does tell you a lot when you drive it. Does it have a "service manual" and record of all the maintenance & other work done?A car not ran regularly and with low mileage on the odo does'nt necessarily has to be in good condition. Put the car on a dock and look closely at the undercarriage and also on the upper body for body work and touch ups. Open the Engine bay and look at it in day light. The all aluminium engine should look glistening and bright with no leakages or spills. Finally in any case the price, as Saeed said should not be more than 175000-180000 max.

Answer by Akc 11 November 2009
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