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i want to buy a new car (swift dezire). is it right time now? or wait till january to get 2010 model?

By Sreelatha on Nov 5, 2009


  • Go for it now if u want any discounts...if ur just looking for 2010 registration then go for 2009 model but purchage it in 2010....that wud mean u will get gud discounts as well
    Answer by Chandy on Nov 5, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    The advantage of buying in January is the registration will be of 2010 which can help bit in better resale value.However the main criteria should be necessity of buying the car. Also as you canget some discount during the month of November and december. Its right time to buy the car.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Nov 5, 2009

  • dear sreelatha,
    if you want to buy swift desire. so you have not any given any discount and immediately you book car in minimum amount 10,000rs bcz desire waiting time is 3month so you hand over gaddi in 2010.model
    devinder yadav
    Answer by Devinder Yadav on Nov 6, 2009

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